French MGM Publicity Posters - 1938

Stan Laurel Faces Loss of Film Job

HOLLYWOOD—The screen comedy team of Laurel and Hardy was split today when Hal Roach Studios served notice upon Stan Laurel that he was guilty of a breach of contract.
    Mr. Laurel was accused of refusing to return to the studio for retakes on the team’s current comedy, “Blockheads.” His attorney denied the accusation and said the studio had given Mr. Laurel permission to leave the city.
    It was reported Mr. Laure might be replaced by Harry Langdon, comedian of the silent screen.

—United Press International
    August 18, 1938

In The Camera’s Eye

By Thomas M. Pryor

The famous comedy team of Laurel and Hardy has been dissolved, Stan Laurel having been suspended permanently by Producer Hal Roach on the grounds that he (Laurel) failed to report for retakes on “Blockheads.” The silent-screen comedian, Harry Langdon, was engaged as Oliver Hardy’s new comic foil.

—The New York Times
    August 21, 1938

Stan Watermark