Stan Laurel Timeline - 1940

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Playhouse To Be Built By Stan Laurel

Stan and Lois Laurel Comedian Stan Laurel with Daughter

Vaudeville soon will come into its own again out in San Fernando Valley.
    Stan Laurel, the actor, is building a playhouse as a hobby on his acre ranch. Names that glittered on yesterday’s theater marquees will shine with new luster on the bill of fare at Ft. Laurel. Yet the show this time will be purely for the amusement of the entertainers themselves with an occasional revue for charity, Laurel said.
    “I’ve played stage ever since I was a kid In the attic of my home. And I just can’t seem to get over it,” he smiled whimsically.
    The workshop, as described by Laurel, will have a 15-foot stage, orchestra pit, projection booth and loge section, among many other features. The grounds are enclosed by a brick wall with little niches, shrines, figurines, a fountain and several pools, including a wishing well.
    Harry Langdon, comedian neighbor of Laurel, drew the plans. Pete Gordon of the Three Bounding Gordons, famous aerialists, and Tonnage, erstwhile comedian-seaman, who live at Ft. Laurel, will help with construction.

—Los Angeles Times
    February 26, 1940

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