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Gained five or six pounds—but now they have devaluated the pound. Dammed if I know just exactly what I weigh now.

Stan Laurel

My Dear Booth [Colman]:-
    Please pardon me for not answering your kind letter of Sept. 3rd. till now.
    Bought a home in Santa Monica here, so have been up to my neck - moving & getting everything in order etc. Know you will fully understand my throes & plight.
    Happy to hear you will be in "MONTSERRAT" & wish you all the success possible. Please advise me when the show opens & how things are.
    Glad to tell you, I am all clear with the Sugar Dept. have'nt had to take any Insulin shots for six weeks now & am feeling in pretty good shape - gained five or six pounds, but now they have devaluated the pound, dammed if I know just exactly what I weigh now.
    Eda went to the Beach for a swim (we live about ten minutes from there) Know she joins me in kind thoughts & every good wish always. Drop me a line soon Booth, will be happy to hear from you any old time. If you happen to run into the Romano family - give them our best.
                Bye for now:-
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Note from the Editor

Montserrat, a period play written by Lillian Hellman, opened at the Fulton Theatre in New York City on October 29, 1949 (without actor Booth Colman in the cast). It ran for only 65 performances, closing on December 24, 1949.

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