Dear Nellie [Bushby],
    Here to make a film in Cannes or Nice. In England Sept. or Oct.

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                Paris France.

My Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Recd. a letter from Hollywood this a.m. with encl. clipping. Thought you would get a kick out of it. La Belle Todd is quite a gal!.
    Saw a photo in one of the London papers of Chas. Chaplin Jr. doing an impersonation of his dad in TV with Ken Murray. Did you happen to see the show? I understand that L&H are among the first ten in TV rating - can you imagine that - Showing our old two-reelers. Never expected to be even in running - also got the news that our picture was on the first TV show at the Vatican in Rome - what next!! (Fun on a Pulpit)!
    How is everything with you, Booth? Trust you landed something good by now and feeling fit & well. We are now going to make the picture in Marseilles instead of Cannes. Story still in bad shape - can't seem to get anywhere with it. I think they are crazy - so much time wasted for what.! However it's their idea & they are stuck with it. Altho I hate to go into the Picture knowing it's wrong from the start - but nothing I can do about it. I told them from the start to forget it and get a new idea but nobody will admit they are on the wrong track. They were discussing a new title for the picture and I suggested “The Follies of 1950" - you should have seen the dirty looks!
    Bye now, Booth - will keep you posted. Eda joins in fond thoughts.
                Yours as ever,
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Hal Roach Studios Office Memo

DATE: 5/31/50

Spent most of Monday and Wednesday searching for Laurel contracts which would have to do with Roach liability on Laurel pictures. Several folders with original contracts and pertinent papers found in upstairs vault thrown on shelf with torn papers, cancelled checks and miscellaneous unsorted objects.

Started work on available contracts. A study of 3/2/23 contract indicates that Laurel may have interest in television receipts, etc. for pix made under the contract. Have checked with Mr. Legerton and he will check on matter of precedents, etc. Am sending him a copy of the contract so that he may check all legal aspects. —6/1/50.

Spent major portion of day collating and making resumé of Laurel papers. —6/2/50.

Finished rough-draft abstracts of Laurel papers. Started check of Laurel account on books, which show that $3749.70 is due Laurel since August 31, 1947, on the contract of 4/8/39. —6/5/50.

Finished check of Laurel account on “Earnings Statements” which were evidently sent to him as payments were made. However, no payments have been made since statement of 11/23/46 and it is to be presumed that he has received no statements since then. A contract was entered into with Favorite Films on May 6, 1946, which covered distribution on Chumps and Saps. Unless a detailed audit is made, it cannot be established that Laurel has been credited with his share of these receipts. The “Earnings Statements” evidently cover United Artists release only.

Talked to Mr. Legerton regarding the contract of March 2, 1933. He states release was not limited to any specific purpose, and that Laurel would be entitled regardless of the type of distribution—which would include television receipts. He will give a written opinion at the first opportunity.

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