c/o Franco-London Films,
                114, Ave. Des Champs Elysees,
                PARIS. 8e. FRANCE.

My Dear Booth [Colman]:-
    Please pardon delay in reply to yours of Aug. 17th.
    We have been down here for about Six weeks now & up to our necks in it, so know you will fully understand. Picture is coming along pretty good, but awfully slow owing to many things - The climate is very treacherous here on the Riviera, the sun is terrific (Am not using this as a Hollywood term) this is really on the level. Many people of the caste have been ill - accidents etc. too long to tell you all about it now, but it has been a hell of a time so far. We will be in St.Raphael here for another two weeks & then to Nice for a few days & back to the Studio in Paris which will be a God-send. Errol Flynm is shooting in NICE so will be seeing him there. He also finishes up his picture at the same studio in Paris. The U.S. Fleet is in at CANNES (just a few miles from here) so three three cheers for the Red White & Blue. Have'nt had much time for pleasure, been working every day & some Sundays too, so when I get back to the Hotel, I'm too POOPED TO PEEP. Eda has had quite a bit of the swimming Dept, so she has been enjoying the trip. So happy to know the show is doing so well, feel sure you will hit BROADWAY before long - one big hit does wonders.
    I am very much hoping that this Russian plane affair does'nt start another BIG DO, it would be terrible on ton of this Korean Bus. It sure is a hell of a mess & I think too much for even the U.N. to know what just to do in the situation.
    So far our plane for the future are being held up on account time element, not knowing when we are going to get through with this EPIC. We have plenty of deals to choose from including Panto show & Picture in England also a summer show (5 months) Personal appearances in N.Africa, A picture in Holland, & one in India (1952) also Australia. So we may go for any of those, but if anything serious happens in the International crisis, we will take a submarine back to N.Y.
    Will close now Booth, have to go to work. It is now 7 A.M. & the car is waiting, (it takes about an hour to get to the location) Hope to hear from you real soon. Bye now & God Bless.
    Eda sends love etc.
                Yours as ever:-
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Note from the Editor

On September 4, 1950, a Soviet Air Force bomber was shot down off of the coast of North Korea by two U.S. Navy fighter planes. All of the crewmen on the downed aircraft were killed.

The Korean War was a war between North and South Korea, in which a United Nations force led by the United States of America fought for the South, and China fought for the North assisted by the Soviet Union.

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