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                August 14th.'51.
My Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Just recd. your welcome letter of the 7th.inst.
    I wrote you a few days ago to c/o TETON LODGE,MORAN. If you have'nt got it yet, you can check on it.
    Happy to know you are comfortably settled & the meals are "A LA WALDORF". With a background like that, it certainly gives one incentive to do your very beet. The amount per day is staggering, but of course if they did'nt spend as much, it would go to Uncle Sam anyway, so to a certain extent, there's method in their madness - if there were no taxes, you would be sleeping in a hammock & breaking bread in a cardboard lunch box. Such was my experience in the early days, of course that was in the comics dept. the legits fared better, they had two lunch boxes.
    Sorry to hear you are having weather trouble, it makes me nervous & then when the sun shines I'm not in the mood. However, once it clears up, you will be going hell bent for election. Am feeling fine, just going to the Dr. for another shot. Have gained another couple of pounds, so it won't be long before I'm in harness again. We are getting quite a lot of bids for T.V. & pictures - one incidently for R.K.O. so expect to start moving in a week or so. Will keep you advised.
    Eda is fine, & joins in love & kind thoughts & again every good wish for your success.
                Bye now. God Bless.
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STAN LAUREL LETTERHEAD - 1111 Franklin Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

                August 24th.'51.
My Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Merci beaucoup pour votre lettre avec la photographie de vous et la concertina. Now it's your turn. Eda wants to send you a record of her late husband RAPHAEL, who was, I think, the greatest concertina player of all time, so you can gain a few pointers, now that you have become musically inclined. Are you playing it in the picture or is it just a prop?
    Happy to hear everything is going good. You will soon get over the shock of seeing yourself on the screen & getting used to your own voice, then you'll start thinking to yourself - "I'snt that guy terrific".
    Note re the plaster cast for your neck - have them make one for your fanny too - you can't trust those bloody Indians. The brochure, was very interesting, should be a very good picture. especially with that cast. (I don't mean the one they made for your neck).
    Enclosed, was a clipping in "THE REPORTER" Aug.23. thought it would interest you. Will certainly let you know re our activities as soon as definitely settled. Our picture "ATOLL K" is being released in Paris in Sept. & I think here, in November. It is later here because of the dubbing situation.
    Bye now Booth, Love & Fond thoughts from us both.
                God Bless always.
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Newspaper Clipping Enclosure

Howard Hawks has signed newcomers Booth Colman and Robert Hunter for top spots with Kirk Douglas in The Big Sky, Winchester Pictures’ historical drama for RKO which Hawks is producing and directing.

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