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My Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Thanks for your welcome letters of the 12th. & 21st. inst. Can't tell you how delighted I am to know you are doing so well on TV. also re "Big Sky" success. That's wonderful. I feel very happy about it, & wish you continued success. I have always had great faith in you & felt you would in due course "GET THERE"!
    Have had several accounts of the quake - it certainly was a bad one - I was in the '33 one, so know just how you felt, its a weird experience to go through. However - am glad to know you came through OK - it sure makes you feel small & insignificant - no matter how big you think you are, it really is frightening - even Dracula would be scared! Thanks for the new stamps - Eda got a big kick out of them. Don't think we will bother with offers on the Continent - don't think it's worth the time & trouble due to money exchange etc. so much Red Tape - plus no trust in them. Contracts & agreements mean nothing. The only way is to have them put up the cash in the States - otherwise you are at their mercy & they have very little of that.
    They are still trying to arrange for us to stay for Palladium Pants but don’t think it's possible, so will probably return home end of Oct. I can do with a rest anyway. Will let you know what happens. Having another smash week here in Bradford - Terrific Bus. its really amazing! Pleased to note you are calling up the folks - just had letters from all.
    Eda not feeling too good - more trouble with Tonsils - going to a Specialist this week. She sends her love & is happy to hear the good news of your success.
    All for now Booth.
    Bye & God Bless.
                As ever-
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Note from the Editor

The 1933 Long Beach earthquake took place on March 10 and measured 6.4 causing an estimated $40 million dollars damage to buildings throughout Southern California. The 1952 Kern County earthquake occurred on July 21 and measured 7.3 causing an estimated $60 million dollars damage in the southern San Joaquin Valley, California.

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