Dear Mrs Willies-
    Thank you for your letter. Am sorry it is not possible for us to visit your school during our week in Dudley Sept. 15th. However we appreciate very much the kind invitation. Yes, I remember your Father & corresponded with him at the time we had the "Pub," altho' never did have the pleasure of meeting him. Am sorry to note that he had passed on. Very few of the Old Karno Boys left now - some wonderful memories.
    With kind regards always,
                Sincerely yours-
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My Dear Evelyn [Anniston]-
    I was shocked to hear the news re Stan - it certainly must have been a trying time for you - especially to suffer during the throes of moving to your new house, I sincerely hope the operation was fully successful & by now he is well on the way to recovery & will soon be safely back home in your good care.
    We are leaving here Oct.8th - sailing back to the States on the "Queen Elizabeth." I am sorry to go - but I need a good rest after nine months of steady traveling. However, expect to be back again next year. I will drop a line to Stan to Halifax.
    Eda sends her love & every good wish - Trust you will soon be settled down again & all well once more.
    Kind thoughts always Evelyn,
                As ever:
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NO LETTERHEAD - Theatre Royal, Portsmouth - HANDWRITTEN

My Dear Stan [Anniston]-
    Needless to tell you how very sorry I am to hear about your operation - and can fully sympathise - having my own experience of those things. I hope by now you are feeling easier & will have a speedy recovery. Evelyn wrote & told me about it & naturally very upset anyway it's over with - which, at least is a relief to your mind & you can look forward to getting back into good shape again, & enjoy your new house.
    We leave here October 8th for the States - so not much time left now - the weeks just seem to fly. All for now Stan.
    All here join in every good wish.
    Kind thoughts always,
                As ever:
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                Theatre Royal

Dear Mrs Willies,
    Thanks for your kind invitation to lunch or tea. Sorry it is not possible - due to one or two previous engts. plus our shows & preparing to leave for the States Oct.8th. We appreciate your nice thoughts & trust you will fully understand.
    If you would like to come & see the show one evening - please let me know, what show & night, & I will arrange a couple of seats for you & have the pleasure of meeting you.
    Every good wish always,
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                Theatre Royal,
                Portsmouth. Eng.

My Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Thanks your interesting letter 3rd inst. Note re "Big Sky" glad it's a success - but sorry you are mostly on the cutting room floor - however as you say - being at least connected in a "Hit" is OK credit. Hope you land a deal with both Holt & Skolsky - am happy to know there is some interest being shown to you.
    Note re legit Bus. not too good in N.Y. as long as there are projects in Hollywood, it would be foolish for you to leave - The Masquers show certainly looks good for you & a cinch everybody in the Producing Dept. will be there - sincere wishes for success Booth - know you will give a good performance, as that is right up your alley. Tell [Basil] Rathbone to cast Hardy as Dr. Watson & me as Billy & he will have no trouble being thrown out of N.Y. Tell him we have some swell detective routines - never been done before! Had a cable last week re a deal with Paramount for a color Feature cartoon "Tom Thumb" (Geo. Pal) They have been considering us in this thing for over two years - so it may develop to start in January. You didn't mention re my letter telling you that we leave here Oct. 8th. "Elizabeth" & will be home around 18th. Guess you didn't get it at time of writing. Glad you are getting Stage & Performer OK. am just sending yo another couple of issues.
    Still doing Big Bus - hate to leave, but of course have to on account of Tax Dept. however - can't grumble, have had an exceptional good trip & expect to return in '53. Well, all for now Booth - Eda joins in love & best - & really looking forward to seeing you with lots of news & laughs.
    Bye & God Bless,
                As ever-
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Note from the Editor

Nat Holt was a film and television producer best known for producing George White’s Scandals in 1945. Sidney Skolsky was an American writer best known as a Hollywood gossip columnist. He was also a screenwriter and movie producer best known for producing The Jolson Story (1946) and The Eddie Cantor Story (1953).

Tom Thumb was a fantasy-musical film directed by George Pal and released by MGM. The film starred Russ Tamblyn in the title role and comic actors Terry-Thomas and Peter Sellers as the villainous duo who try to exploit the tiny hero for profit. No doubt, producers were initially considering Stan and Ollie for those comedic roles.


                Sept. 15th '52'

My Dear Frank & Jean [Milligan],
    Please forgive me for not answering your lovely Post Cards till now - Have been so busy these last two weeks I haven'y had much time for correspondence.
    It was so nice to meet you both & I enjoyed your visit to Southport very much, only sorry I wasn't able to spend more time with you & the chance to go to the Fun Fair with you & you and share in your excitement - I'm sure you must have had a grand time!
    How is your nose & ears trick doing? I bet you can do it better than I can by now. Did you try it at School? Aunty Eda & me are going back to the States Oct. 8 on the "Queen Elizabeth" & expect to come back here next year - Hope we shall have the chance of seeing you again then - so maybe I will have more new tricks for you!
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