Stan Laurel Timeline - 1953


Had quite a reception in Cork. Looked like the whole town turned out to greet us and the Cathedral Bells played our ‘Cuckoo Song.’

Stan Laurel

Dear Dorothi & Jac [Bock Pierre]-
    Just recd. your kind "Bye Card" - evidently missed the boat & was forwarded on. Thanks for the sweet thought.
    Had a nice crossing - calm sea all the way. Eda caught a cold so is now in the Pill & nose drops dept. Lovely Hotel here - nice large room & Bath facing the harbour & food good. Had quite a reception in Cork - looked like the whole Town turned out to greet us & the Cathedral Bells played our Cuckoo Song. It was really a sight. Drove to Cork - received by the Lord Mayor at the City Hall & then taken to see Blarney Castle & the famous Stone. Then got on the train & autographed our way to Dublin! A sure hectic way.
    We were up at The ship anchored at 7. & we came into Cork on a Tender to be pushed around all day! We start to work Monday - so glad to have a few days rest. We arrived in New York during that awful heat wave (102) that was really terrible! Mr. Murphy arrived at the Boat loaded down with Pepsicola, pens & pencils and a couple of very important Gents who can get us through the Customs when we return without inspection!!! Will let you know when we are coming back so you can bail us out! What a guy! Bob Hope is playing in Dublin for a couple of nights - too tired to go & see the show. All for now.
    Eda joins in love & bestest - will write you again when the show opens.
    Bye & God Bless.
                As ever-
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c/o Bernard Delfont Ltd.
1-5, Jermyn St. Haymarket
London, S.W.1. ENG.


                Date: 18 SEP 1953

the sum of Three hundred pounds --------------------
under instructions from London Office,
by telephone dated 17th September 1953.
from account of Bernard Delfont Agency Limited.

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My Dear Booth [Colman]-
                Thanks yours of the 14th.inst.
Had nice smooth crossing, but prefer the Cunard Line to the "America" ship, altho' its very good, but there seems to be something missing somehow. A wonderful reception on our arrival in Cobh, seemed like everybody turned out to meet us as we came in on a tender, people came out in row boats, boat whistles blowing, the Cathedral chimes playing the Cuckoo, the schools had specially closed so the kids could be there with the cheering crowds. I never saw such a sight, this was all on the level, no publicity stunt. I have since had a letter from a guy at the Bank of Ireland there, telling me that all the staff, due to the excitement, left the bank wide open to come and see us, then realising, they all rushed back! can you imagine. It was murder getting through the crowds to our cars, the police force being small & unable to handle them (5000.Population). We were driven to Cork & taken to the City hall to meet the Lord Mayor - photos etc. & to see Blarney Castle & the Blarney Stone. We then autographed our way to Dublin. Hotel very nice here & weather so far, good. Am busy getting the script in shape to start rehearsals on the 28th when the cast arrives.
    Sorry the Del Ruth deal did'nt work out but trust the Gordon Douglas picture will materialize & do you some good.
    How was the TV show? We were shocked to hear re Lucille Ball mixed up in the Communist bus. Too bad that had to happen, now that she is right on TOP, sure is a surprise, am sorry to hear it, I hope she can clear herself of the damaging situation. Babe got a clipping sent to him about it. Let me know how it turns out. Have nice large room & bath facing the harbour (used to be Kingstown).
    Eda is going to add a few lines, so will close. Trust alls well & Happy & prospects look good. Bye Booth. God bless.
                As ever-
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Ida Laurel Added

Well, I still have the cold—and little bit lonely. Stan is busy, so I left to myself and I can't do much. All the theatre in Dublin, just like in Los Angeles. I have not any friends to go with me, I wish you were here—will be very nice. Well Booth wish you the best of everything. Love—Ida.

Outside the Royal Marine Hotel


                Royal Marine Hotel
                DUN LAOGHAIRE.Co.DUBLIN.
                EIRE. SEPT. 22nd.'53.

Gordon Craig Esq.,
92,Ivor Court,
Gloucester Place,

My Dear Craig:-
                Many thanks yours of the 19th.inst.
We would like you to join us here for rehearsals on Monday next (28th) kindly contact the Delfont office re transportation matters.
    Suggest that you arrange to live in Dublin, as we shall be rehearsing at the Olympia Theatre about Wednesday of next week. In the meantime we shall have a few run throughs at the Hotel here with the cast, to get familiar with the sketch. It is about six miles from here to Dublin & there is bus or train service.
    Re the costumes & wig, we prefer to have them purchased, regulation Nurses outfit, blue with white collar & cuffs & white cap. The wig I will leave up to you, whatever you are accustomed to working in. Get two outfits & have charged to L&H, Delfont office. Will appreciate if you will bring them with you.
    Thank you for your kind wishes.
                Sincerely always:-
Stan Laurel Signature                 LAUREL & HARDY


My Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Thanks for card & letter of 22nd inst. - Must tell you sometime of my experience - going up to Mount-Wilson trying out a six wheel truck (10 tons) Started from the bottom 10-30 AM & arrived at the top after 12 PM. They wouldn't let us stay at the hotel & threw us out because we had blocked all traffic coming down from there. (one way road those days) Slept in truck all night & snowing - it was a scream!
    Delighted to hear you got more TV. jobs - hope the [Kirk] Douglas picture will soon be under way & you will get a good break in it.
    We start rehearsals (29th) & will leave here the 12th Oct. The script seems in pretty good shape, but of course - have all my fingers crossed.
    Going to do a matinee benefit for the Red Cross on Sunday Oct 11th at the Olympic - so a good opportunity to break he act in before opening at Northampton - We are going to have a TV. interview in London (B.B.C.) on Saturday Eve. Oct 17th, "Face The Music" Program, so am going to be plenty busy from now on.
    All for now Booth - will keep you posted.
    Eda joins in love & best-
                As ever-
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Letter encl. from Johnny Mack the dancer - imagine the nerve of that guy?!

Note from the Editor

Face The Music was a BBC television program hosted by Henry Hall.

Johnny "Mack" Brown (1904-1974) was an American college football player and film actor originally billed as John Mack Brown at the height of his career best known for his Bowery Tap dance routine.


                Olympia Theatre
                DUBLIN. EIRE.
                September 28th.'53

Dear Claude [Cingalee]:-
                Many thanks yours of the 23rd.inst.
Appreciate very much, getting the pigeons for us & will let you know re the shipping of them as soon as we get to England. We expect to leave here about Oct.12th. but do'nt open until the 19th. New Theatre Northampton. On Oct.11th. we are going to break the act in at the Olympia here, a benefit matinee for the Red Cross, & we are getting a couple of pigeons here for the one show, so no use sending yours over, besides there may be difficulty bringing them in, remember you had some trouble last time you were here?.
    We start rehearsals on Wednesday with the cast, so going to be plenty busy for the next two weeks. On Saturday night, Oct.17th. we are doing a TV interview on "Face The Music" program from London & will be in Town 2 or 3 days before that. Staying at the Washington Hotel.
    No, "The Bishop Of Barnes" (Tracey) is not with us this trip, Am sorry for the Guy, but I could'nt take another dose of that.
    We all too are looking forward to seeing you again & hope it wo'nt be long. Eda, Babe & Lucille join in Love & Bestest.
    Much haste
                As ever:-
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PS. Thanks for phone number. Will call you from Eng. re pigeons.

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