My Dear Booth [Colman]-
                Thanks yours of the 2nd.inst.
You will be surprised to hear that we did'nt open at Finsbury Park, I caught a hell of a cold in M'Chester & by the time I got here I was stone cold deaf. Got an E.N.T. Specialist who decided I must'nt go on, so have been all week under treatment, Air pressure, short wave heatbusiness, & glad to say I am starting to get back my hearing & should be OK again by Monday to open at Brixton. Too bad this had to happen, as we had a very big Advance booking & would have done a terrific week's business. However, we shall play it later on.
    Got a big kick re your BIG GAMBLING SPREE in Vegas. Eda says MOVE OVER! Was surprised to hear Olsen & Johnson were playing at the "Frontier", I thought Olsen was confined to a wheel chair & could'nt get around. The last TV show I saw them in, Olsen sat at a table throughout. Guess he must have recovered from the very bad accident he had. It is interesting to hear re the Stage facilities at the "Frontier" being different to the other Hotels, is it a regular Theatre stage with an Orchestra pit? & can they hang scenery. I agree with you about the O&J material, they have always been very sloppy & no finesse, I feel an audience does'nt mind an old gag or routine if its done well & can always be improved with a little thought & care, but I guess, they should worry with a loaf of bread under their arm. Am really delighted to note that prospects are looking brighter for you Booth & hope they will successfully materialize. Eda had a letter from Mark & Helen, they saw your Napoleon picture on TV. & thought you were great in it. Am enclosing a news clipping re John Gielgud, thought it would interest you. Eda has had more tooth trouble this week, when the guy in Liverpool extracted he did'nt drain it properly & became infected again, she has had penicillin shots to try & help it, but may have to have it lanced if nothing happens.
    Gordon Craig who plays the nurse for us is a young fellow & I doubt if any relation to Ellen Terry. Will find out when I see him let you know - it's possible. Well you seasoned old crap shoter, will hang up & look forward to hearng from you real soon. Eda sends her love & will add a few lines when she feels better. Bye the way, are you an Uncle yet? & what kind?.
    Bye Booth, God Bless.
                Sincerely always-
Stan Signature                 "DEAFIE" LAUREL

Note from the Editor

The Frontier was the second resort that opened on the Las Vegas Strip and operated continuously from October 30, 1942 until it closed on July 16, 2007.

John Sigvard “Ole” Olsen (1892-1963) and Harold Ogden “Chic” Johnson (1891-1962) were American comedians of vaudeville, radio, the Broadway stage, motion pictures and television. Ole was involved in a serious automobile accident that left him partially paralyzed in 1950.


                Royal Station Hotel.

Mr & Mrs Short,
16,River View,

Dear Mr & Mrs Short-
    Many thanks for the lovely flowers, your sweet thought is deeply appreciated. We very well remember the same pleasure in 1952.
    Note you are coming to see the show on Saturday evening, if you would care to come back-stage, we would indeed be very happy to meet you.
    Our kind regards & every good wish.
                Sincerely always:-
Stan Laurel Signature                 LAUREL & HARDY

Oliver Hardy Backstage


My Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Many thanks for the rubber stamp - got quite a kick out of it! Funny - have had it in mind for quite a while to have one made - as it does save a lot of time with my correspondence - appreciate your thoughtfulness Booth. Thanks again. Encl. article from Newcastle paper. You can see I wrote it myself!! Eda talked to Ida Mae from Newcastle - but didn't get much information. Am trying to get them to call in Dr. Stearns so we can get the low down & find out exactly what's wrong with Mark. All for now Lad - hope to hear from you soon - Trust alls well & busy.
    Love & best from Eda.
                As ever-
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