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                August 3rd.'55.

Dear Jack [McCabe],
    Re the 'Fig-Bar,' we used that expression in writing a scene in a script, for instance, Babe is caught doing something he should'nt do, & becomes embarrassed, then trying to cover up he gives a sweet coy angelic look, waves his tie, twiddles his fingers & exits. So, we saved time in writing description of the scene by just saying Babe does a fig bar & exits.
                As ever-
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My Dear Trixie [Wyatt]-
    Sorry dear so long in reply to your letters - fact is I have been ill & spent several weeks in hospital taking treatments for High blood pressure which caused a slight stroke of my left arm & leg & was not allowed to attend to my correspondence - however am back home again & feeling better & able to get around a bit with a crutch. Dr. says I shall be back to normal again in a few weeks. I have your new note paper, & will have a friend of mine send it to you in a couple of days. I will get the Doll for you later on Trixie as soon as I am able to get out, I am of course very weak & taking exercises every day to get my strength back. Not much more to tell you dear - Eda sends her love - she has had a trying time taking care of everything & is working hard. I will write you again soon. Bye dear - hope you are well & happy.
                As ever-
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My love to Benny & Jack - hope you all had a nice time.


We expect to make two or four 90-minute shows for release next year, which are now in preparation.

Stan Laurel

                August 25th.'55.

Mr Gary Alexander,
1015,Oakdale Avenue,
West St.Paul.7. Minn.

Dear Mr Alexander:-
                Thanks yours of the 24th.inst.
Pleased to note you finally got the photos you required. Regarding a L&H Fan Club, I frankly don't know if there are any in this Country or not, but in Europe & Great Britain there has been for several years - at one time I understand, there was a membership of over 2 Million. We have had requests recently from Canada to form one there, don't know if they are in existence yet.
    Re TV plans, we expect to make 2 or 4, 90 minute shows for release next year (one every three months.) which are now in preparation.
    What information did you wish on the Motion picture "UT0PIA" besides being made in France '50 & '51.?)
    Thanks again for your kind enquiry,
    Regards & best wishes,
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