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My Dear Betty [Healy],
    Can't tell you how sorry I am to hear of the rotten deal you received from Thomas, am certainly surprised at him, FRONTING such a cheap lousey racket - especially being an old performer himself. Is'nt it awful - what next. Can imagine the shock & disappointment it must have been to you, after all the sincere hard work you put into it plus all the enthusiasm. I can't get over it, I think its disgraceful & low down - an afraid to think what would have happened if they had pulled this on Ted instead of you - he would have wrecked the joint!
    Inasmuch as you recorded a complete program & they all agreed they liked it, I would definitely demand that they give that recording back to you or personally see that they destroy it, to prevent them for ever using it. If they refuse, get a Court Order, restraining any attempt to Broadcast without your permission.
    Eda is wondering if your Friend from New York is the lady who used to be at NANCY'S in Hollywood? she does'nt remember buying any cosmetics in N.Y. as she always stocked up here before leaving for Europe. Its nice your Friend is living near you & you both have so much in common - thats wonderful.
    Who on earth is this guy that has Marilyn Monroe's car & never has money for gas? sounds fantastic!
    I was amazed to hear how valuable that property became (around your old ranch) I did'nt know when I visited there that it was selling so cheap - wish you had told me about it.
    That was nice of your Uncle to give you all that building material - can imagine what a big job it was to bring it back from Bakersfield - do'nt know how you managed to load it all.
    Glad you are feeling OK Betty, you were sensible to get rid of that weight. I am taking a massage twice a week & it seems to be helping me quite a bit & am able to get around more freely.
    Well, think thats all for now. Eda joins in all the best to Wayne & self. she too was sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience.
    Bye now & God Bless.
                Sincerely always:-
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My Dear Roy & Pauline [Lester]:-
    Just heard the wonderful news about the arrival of a daughter – congratulations from Eda & I, sincerely hope she will bring a great share of happiness to you both. Your Mother mentioned Pauline re your sweet thought wishing we could be the God Parents - had we been over there we would have esteemed it a great honour indeed. However, don’t ever tell her you wished this, cause if she ever sees my picture she’ll never forgive you! Guess your mother told you I had been ill for a few months – pleased to tell you am feeling much better again & will soon be able to make some more films – would have had a couple finished by now if I hadn’t taken ill. Anyway was lucky it didn’t happen during a picture – like my experience in Paris in 1950. Well, not much to tell you so will close. Eda sends her love to you & a kiss for the Baby x – one for me too x. Trust alls well & happy & continued success Roy.
    Bye & God Bless -
                Sincerely as ever-
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I first appeared at the Old Maryland Theatre in 1912 with Charlie Chaplin in a show called “A Night In An English Music Hall.”

Stan Laurel


Mr Earl E. Shank Jr.,

Dear Earl Jr. :-
    Thanks your interesting letter of the 14th.inst.
    It was nice to note that our photo has become a source of comfort in your trials & tribulations - fully understand some of the types of customers you have to put up with, do'nt think I could take much of that.
    Yes,I did play in Baltimore a couple of times many years ago, of course I would'nt remember the Gentleman you mentioned, if you see him again, please thank him for his remembrance, think I first appeared at the Old Maryland Theatre in 1912 with Charlie Chaplin, in a show called "A Night In An English Music Hall" (Fred Karno's London comedians) & a few years later I played the Garden Theatre with a partner - Stan & Mae Laurel, thats probably where this gentleman was in the orchestra.
    The trouble with those 16mm films is, you do'nt get a complete picture, only bits & parts, why I'll never know. Here are the titles of the pictures you mention:- The French Foreign Legion was, "Beau Hunks". The World War I was, "Block Heads". The one where Ollie fell in the tank of elixer was, "Dirty Work". The English college picture was "Chumps At Oxford" & moving the piano up the steps was "The Music Box". I understand, "Babes In Toyland" is going to be released on TV in full length around Xmas time.
    Pleased to tell you I am feeling much better & expect to be back in harness sometime the first of the coming year. Think thats all for now - trust alls well & happy with you & bus. is flourishing.
    Kind regards & best always:-
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