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Dear Trixie [Wyatt]:-
    Glad you saw the "Water Rats" show on TV. & got a Kick out of seeing us, even tho we didn't do anything — was pleased to be in it. Hope we photographed alright without make-up wish I could have seen it, but it was made in a hurry — had to be sent to London the same day.
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I first started at a kindergarten at some house in Dockwray Square. It was down in a basement. Then went to a private school in Tynemouth called Gordon’s.

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My Dear Vic [Silver]:-
    Got a hell of a kick out of your letter of the 6th.inst. enjoyed every line, re living those wonderful care-free days with your vivid description, sprinkled with laughter & Tyneside humour.
    I do'nt remember going to King St. school, I first started at a kindergarten at some house in Dockwray Square, it was down in a basement, then went to a private school in Tynemouth, it was called Gordon's - he was quite a character, he collected Cats, do'nt think he ever let them out of the house - you could smell the joint from Jarrow, the fish quay was like a garden of roses compared. The old screwball used to write poetry & we had to sit and listen to it all day long, his favourite one was "Ode To The Tyneside" - used to add new verses to it every day & ask our opinion. I once told him I did'nt like it & had to stand in the corner for an hour. Having so many cats I often wondered if he wrote "Kitten On The Keys"!
    After this episode I was sent to a boarding school in Tynenouth I believe it was called Tynemouth College, the reason my folks had me board there was due to my always being in mischief & trouble at home, like setting fire to the house, (accidently of course) & falling into a barrel of fish guts in my best Sunday suit on the fish quay near the "Wooden Dolly", Drinking Gin (thought it was water) got cockeyed & many more escapades too numerous to mention. Think this was the forerunner of my film character!
    Got a terrific laugh out of your Dr. & Geordie gag - so typical. Reminded me of another similar gag about a coal miner who had terrible bow legs, his wife begged of him to have an operation & have them straightened out, his excuse was "No hinney they're good enough to go to work in."
    I remember all the names you mention, especially Doyle & Gibson (Tommy & Albert) & the Armstrong Bros (John & Ginger) I was in Levy & Gardwell's Pantos with them (1906 & 7.) also Graham & Baron (Jack & Benny) Georgie Wood etc. Knew Billy Mould when he had the Palace Of Varieties when my Dad ran the old Theatre Royal & the "Boro" also Walisend - Jarrow - Hebburn & Blyth. Did you know Adam Tonlinson he was a funny comic, he used to have a shoe store in N.S. Len Long was another comic I used to enjoy, he's still living in South Shields, came to see me when I played Newcastle in '53. 1 think if we met we could talk for hours on end, Even tho' I was born in Lancashire, I've always felt I belong to Shields, I was very fond or Horace Lee, used to call him Uncle Horace - a sweet guy. I had the pleasure of seeing him again in '32. It was quite an emotional meeting, both cried like kids.
    Thought I'd die re the 'apenny Dips & Black Bullets etc. what a memory you have.
    Due to my recent illness I have'nt been doing much of late - just resting & taking things easy til1 I'm fit & able again - have four Feature films to make as soon as I get in shape to work, so please do'nt hesitate in writing me any time, I enjoy very much corresponding with you.
    I never heard of the guy you mention, Raynor Lehr, he probably was an Extra in some Western Movies - the San Fernando Valley is full of these characters.
    I got a big laugh re your Mother beating up Tichey Lynn in front of the class - what a scream that must have been,
    Well, all for now, Vic, it was nice to hear from you again, I got a lot of p1easure reminiscing with you.
    Bye now, good luck & God Bless.
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Note from the Editor

Black Bullets, properly called Jesmona Black Bullets, are a confectionery produced by Maxons of Sheffield and are popular throughout the North of England and most notably in Newcastle where it is said they gained a great deal of popularity with the local miners. A Black Bullet consists of a dark brown peppermint flavored spherical boiled sweet. They are available individually wrapped, or in bags or tins of various sizes. The tins are notable for their traditional decorative style, using only black and white, with text reading “Jesmona Old fashioned Black Bullets.”

RUBBER STAMP - 1111 Franklin St., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

Did you hear the new song? “The Bottom’s Fallen Out Of Everything But You.” Can you imagine me singing that to Babe?

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Dear Betty [Healy],
                Thanks your welcome letter 11th.inst.
Glad my last, handed you a couple of laughs. Was sorry to note that nothing has happened as yet re the Arizona property, sincerely hope it wo'nt turn out another disappointment for you - maybe the delay is due to waiting for a better sale price, or something connected with the W1ll, could be inheritance tax business - as a rule these Estate affairs take time to get straightened out. I would'nt imagine your Brother would forget you after all your kindness & generosity, especially in the fact that he already told you he intended you should have a share, so do'nt give up hope.
    Wonderful news re the childrens story book, I certainly wish you good luck & big success Betty, its surely coming to you. You are very fortunate finding an artist to illustrate for you, so important to that type of book.
    Just heard a funny story:- A drunk wanders into a Bar orders a double scotch, seeing a few others there, he tells the bartender to serve a round to the rest & also take one for himself. After the've all drank down to his health, he says "Well good luck fellers, be seeing yer" & starts out. The bartender says "Hey, what about the money"? The drunk feels in his pockets "Gee I've left my pocket book home - look, I'll leave my watch till I go get it". The bar-tender figures the guy's OK "Never mind, bring it later." After a while the drunk returns & slaps down his pocket book on the bar "Fill 'em up for everybody & one for yourself too." they all drink down again. Then the bartender opens the pocket book - no money in it - goes raving mad - jumps over the bar & beats the drunk up terrible & throws him out. Later on the drunk staggers in again, slaps his hand on the bar "Another round for everybody" then points his finger at the bartender "But no more for you Bub - after a couple of drinks,you get too dam nasty"!
    Did you hear the new song? "The Bottom's Fallen Out Of Everything But You". Can you imagine me singing that to Babe!
    Well, thats enough nonsense for now. Eda joins in all the best to Wayne & self & a happy Thanksgiving.
                Sincerely always:-
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Dear Betty [Healy],
    Thought I would send you enc. clipping in case you hadn't heard about it. I was really surprised, saw him about nine months ago at the Masquer's Club, & was looking better than ever I'd seen him - too bad.
    That was all Betty - hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.
    All the best to Wayne & self.
                Sincerely always-
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