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Do you get the Laurel and Hardycomedies on your TV? They run them every night here at 12:30 am. I don’t know why at that time—must be the delinquents hour!

Stan Laurel

                June 12th.'56.
Dear Betty [Healy]:-
                Thanks your nice letter 10th.inst.
Firstly, am so happy to know that your car was insured also the guy that hit you, at least it must be a great relief to know that all the medical expenses are going to be taken care of & you do'nt have to worry about that, being sick today is a millionaire's luxury. I would certainly take advantage of this situation Betty & demand the finest & best Medical attention possible, including nurses etc. to properly take care of you, you are fully entitled to it under the circumstances & its only right that you should be treated in a first class manner, instead of being left alone to struggle around by yourself. I know Wayne is doing everything he can, but you certainly should [have] someone attend to you while he's away working, you should'nt be left alone in that condition. Incidently , so sorry to hear re Wayne's eyes, he definitely should have that operation done right away, the longer he puts it off the worse it could get & could be very serious, no use taking any chance.
    Glad you got the card re the "Readers Digest", thought it would help to pass away a few dull hours, I take it too & enjoy it very much, so many interesting facts to read.
    Note you are thinking or going to Seminole Springs, I sincerely hope it will do you a lot of good, a lot of people have had wonderful results taking those baths etc. some say they do'nt help much, anyway, its worth trying, it certainly wo'nt do you any harm & will be a nice change in surroundings for a week or so. I read where Charlie Morrison (Owns The Macombo Night Club here) who has had a stroke & unable to walk for over a year now, has been cured by hypnosis & has fully recovered, I understand this medium has been very effective in many of these cases - can you imagine me doing a "Bridey Murphy"!!
    Do you get the L&H comedies on your TV? They run them every night here at 12-30 AM. about 50 of them in the last few weeks, I do'nt know why at that time, must be the delinquents hour!. I really get mad when I see them because we're not getting a dime out of it, its a crime. By the way, I heard they are going to run "Our Relations" next Friday Night on Channel 2 at 11 o'clock PM (June 15th) you & Daphne Pollard were in it, remember.
    Am pleased your differences got straightened out with the folks at Bakersfield & all OK again.
    I agree with the Dr. that you should try & walk as much as you're able Betty, but you certainly should'nt deliberately overdo it by trying to be up & around for half a day at a time, that does more harm than good, no wonder you ache & feel numb, you've got to take it easy & do a little at a time & gradually you'll get a little stronger a more sure of yourself as time goes on, & it wo'nt be so discouraging as you feel now. Am glad to note the brain, neck injury & eyes are improving, maybe you should take it easy on the reading Betty, it might be a strain on your eyes right now.
    Well, think thats all for now. Eda joins in kind thoughts & all the best to Wayne & self.
    Good luck & God Bless.
                As ever:-
Stan Signature                 Stan Laurel.

Note from the Editor

In 1952, Colorado businessman and amateur hypnotist Morey Bernstein put housewife Virginia Tighe (1923-1995) of Pueblo, Colorado in a trance that sparked off startling revelations about Tighe’s alleged past life as a 19th-century Irishwoman and her rebirth in the United States 59 years later. Bernstein used a technique called hypnotic regression, during which the subject is gradually taken back to childhood. He then attempted to take Virginia one step further, before birth, and suddenly was astonished to find he was listening to “Bridey Murphy,” the woman that Tighe claimed to have been in her previous life.


                June 15th. '56.
Dear Richard [Bater],
    Sorry the long delay in sending the autographs you requested.
    Due to Mr. Hardy having been ill, he neglected to attend to this matter, so trust you will fully understand.
    With many thanks & best wishes.
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