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Mr Ralph Edwards,

My Dear Ralph:-
    Enclosed is a copy of a press article which I recd. from a friend of mine in New York.
    Needless to tell you I was shocked & astounded when I read it. I sent the original clipping to Mr Shipman, hence my sending you a copy - thought you might be interested in knowing about this disgraceful & fantastic journalism.
    I understand this paper is a sort of a tabloid version of "CONFIDENTIAL", & recently TIME magazine carried a feature story on this particular outfit ('ENQUIRER’) & quoted it the most scandalous sheet ever published & that its lies were so mean & petty that no one ever bothered to sue them.
    My kind regards & best - continued success.
                Sincerely always:-
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This following article appeared in the Oct.13th.’57. issue of a New York paper called the ‘NATIONAL ENQUIRER’ (1151, Third Ave.N.Y.21.N.Y.) the author was not named.


Stan Laurel, the surviving member of the Laurel and Hardy team, is blaming Ralph Edwards and This Is Your Life for "Killing" Oliver Hardy! Laurel explains that Edwards had been preparing to do the life of Stan and Oliver and word leaked out about the surprise. Knowing that Hardy's heart was terribly weak and that he had suffered several attacks, Laurel went to see the producers. Laurel says that he begged them not to do the show because another heart attack might kill Hardy. According to Laurel, the producers agreed to forget the whole affair. Several weeks later Laurel and Hardy found themselves trapped into being surprised and shocked by a sudden blaze of lights and Ralph Edwards stepping up to them announcing that This Is Your Life! A few days after the show Hardy suffered a severe heart attack from which he never recovered.


NO LETTERHEAD - 25406 Malibu Rd., Malibu, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

Dear Gary [Arnold]:-
                Thanks your card,2nd.inst.
Enclosed are the 20 stickers you requested, sorry I can't let you have more.
    If you have a spare copy of your paper to send to me, it wo'nt be necessary to put a sticker on it.
    Thank you Gary.
    My best wishes.
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Letter from Stan Laurel to Earl Manbeck
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Dear Buck [Earl Manbeck]:-
                Thanks yours 31st.ult.
Pleased to know your plans for the Cine-Museum are progressing, you've certainly started the ball rolling in planning to sell the house & move bag & baggage to Florida - a shame you have to dismantle that wonderful projection room, of course when you take the equipment out there's very little left to worry about.
    I like the idea of the blown up stills, & giving the history of each person, that should be very attractive.
    Regarding finding new additions to your collection of museum pieces, its possible, that placing an ad in the Dally 'Variety' or the 'Hollywood Reporter' here could bring you good results. In case this thought appeals to you, the address is:-

                The "Daily Variety",
                6311,Yucca Street,
                The "Hollywood Reporter",
                6715,Sunset Blvd.,

    Is your Theatre going to be of modern design or a replica of the early 'Nickelodeons' (90's atmosphere) with upright piano etc.? if old style, it might be interesting to your audience, the different articles that were used behind the screen to create the sound effects for early silents, such as Wind, Rain, Horses Hoofs, train etc.etc. & even demonstrate them during the running of your silent films, not all of them of course, just one that would be appropriate for this treatment - anyway, just a wild thought.
    I guess you are anxious to get the Theatre started - how long do you expect it will take to be ready & open for business, am sure its going to be a lot of hard work for you, especially being such a perfectionist.
    I shall look forward with great interest to know how things are going, so hope to hear from you once in a while when you have a little spare time.
    Bye Buck, good luck & lots of success/
                As ever:-
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Dear Betty [Healy]:-
    Pleased to know you & Wayne are both Ok & did'nt get mixed up with the Flu business which is spreading around the Country.
    I was certainly interested to hear about you appointment in the Drama dept. of the Conservatory - I shall be happy to give you all the help I can Betty, but frankly, I am not too familiar in the manner or method in which acting courses are conducted, as I've never had any experience in this type of theatricals. However, whatever you want to know, let me know & I will get all the information I can for you.
    Regarding the one act plays, theres an old firm that handles all this stuff, called Samuel French's, they will send you a catalogue & complete listing. I know they have offices in N.Y. & Chicago, but not sure about here - I will check on it for you & let you know. In the meantime your library or local book store may have the address - I think too the French's also carry full information on Stagecraft, which would be very useful to you.
    Note that you have some other deal on hand, am afraid if this dramatic teaching job proves successful, you wo'nt have time for anything else, thats a full time affair - hard work & responsibility & long hours.
    Is this Conservatory privately owned or a City project? you mention the place contains a dance studio & Theatre, is it a new building or an old place remodeled for the purpose?
    I certainly wish you lots of luck Betty, it probably will take time before things are running smooth, but am sure, once you get underway & have everything in control you will be very successful. Let me know how things are going Betty, am very interested.
    Eda joins in Love & best to Wayne a self.
    Bye & God Bless.
                As ever:-
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Dear Gary [Arnold]:-
    Thanks yours 9th.inst.with enclosure of the copy of your first club paper. I thought you did a good job on it being your first attempt - congratulations Gary.
    I like the idea of having a Biography each issue, that should be of good interest to your readers, the 'Question Corner' is good too. Incidently , you asked me to give you a question for the column, so, there is something I have tried to find out for a long time - please can anyone tell me, How High is UP?!! maybe you should put this in your 'Joke Corner'.
    Well, I think your paper is swell Gary & am sure as time goes along you will develop & improve each issue - wish you lots of good luck & continued success in your venture.
    I note there is a charge of 5 cents for out of Town delivery, so am enclosing you 10 cents to cover this & your December issue. Am also returning the copy, in case you need it for someone else.
    Bye Gary - take care of yourself.
Stan Laurel Signature                 Stan Laurel.

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                25406,Malibu Road.,

Dear Elmer [Westover]:-
                Thanks yours 11th.inst.
interesting to hear that your brother bought an 8mm movie outfit, am sure you will get a lot of pleasure out of it, especially during the winter season. Note you sent for a copy of "Night Owls" film, I think you would have been better off to get a silent picture instead, as this one is a sound one made into silent. Without the sound, these films are not good without dialogue and effects and very disappointing. If you got this film from the Blackhawk Co. in Davenport, Iowa, I would suggest you try and have them exchange it for you for a regular silent, they carry a good supply of L&H films, both sound and silent 16mm and 8mm. They will send you a catalogue with full listings, the address is 515-19 Main Street, Davenport.
    The weather sounds pretty cold there, don't think I could take that after living in Calif. so long, our temperature today is 74, but I guess we shall be getting some rain soon.
    Not much to tell you Elmer, so all for now. It's a little early, but I take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year, lots of good health and happiness.
    Bye and Good Luck,
Stan Laurel Signature                 Stan Laurel.

Letter from Stan Laurel to Marie Hatfield
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When the Marx Brothers first started out, there were 5: Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo and Zeppo. Frankly I never did care for any of them.

Stan Laurel

Dear Mrs [Marie] Hatfield:-
                Thanks your nice letter 1lth.inst.
Note re the location of Burlingame, for some reason I was under the impression thats where Stanford was, I'd certainly make a swell 'COLUMBUS'!!.
    We decided to call off our trip to La Jolla, Mrs L is not feeling too good, has been troubled lately with pains in her shoulders, it looks to me like arthritis, anyway she is having an Xray code this afternoon to determine whats wrong. I did'nt feel like making a long drive with her feeling like this, as she has some difficulty in turning her head, & of course I am not able to handle the car - think its better to wait till she gets over this ailment, there's no particular hurry anyway.
    Looks like our summer is over for a while, starting to get cold & rainy.
    Re the record that Mr Hatfield heard on the radio, that was titled "The Dance of The Cuckooos", this was made in London Eng. in '32. by the Columbia Recording Co. I have no idea where you would find a copy of this, as during the War II the Master print of this was destroyed in one of the London blitz's, the whole Columbia bldg. was blown up, so I imagine it would be difficult to find a party that may by chance have a recording of it.
    Am sure none of the music stores carry it. If you could remember the radio station that it was broadcast from & the particular time, its possible they could give you some definite information on it. I did have a copy of it one time, but do'nt know what became of it, otherwise I would have been delighted to let you have [it]. I believe some years ago, that another arrangement had been made & was played over the air by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, I never heard that one.
    Funny thing, for about four nights last week, we had wonderful reception on our TV, Clear as a bell, but since than its been awful again, can't figure why this happened, as there has been no change in the weather conditions - maybe 'Sputty' & 'Mutty' had something to do with it!
    Well, think thats all for now. Mrs L. joins in regards & best to you both, trust alls well & happy.
                As ever sincerely:-
Stan Laurel Signature                 Stan Laurel.

Note from the Editor

Sputnik, launched by the Soviet Union on Oct. 4, 1957, was the first artificial earth satellite. It circled the earth once every 96 minutes at a speed of 18,000 mph until it fell to the earth on Jan. 4, 1958. The Soviet Union also launched nine much larger satellites from November 1957 to March 1961.

NO LETTERHEAD - 25406 Malibu Rd., Malibu, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

Dear Gary [Arnold]:-
    Thanks yours 17th.inst.with enclosure of 10¢ which I sent you to cover the mailing cost of your Club Paper.
    I did'nt know that I was an honorary member & was given the privilege or receiving a free copy - I hope I did'nt offend you.
    The weather in Malibu is still quite warm, the temperature is between 70 & 60 most of the time - really nice.
    I note my question is going to appear in the December issue, it will be interesting to see what answers you get - if any!.
    I shall look forward to seeing the pictures when you get them finished.
    All for now Gary. Take care of yourself.
    Bye & good luck,
Stan Laurel Signature                 Stan Laurel.

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Dear Earl [Shank, Jr.]:-
    Thanks your interesting letter 19th.inst.
Yes, I visited Edinburgh Castle in '32. Oliver was with me, his first trip to Scotland, we did'nt get a chance to enjoy looking around on account of the crowds who followed us there, to get autographs & snapshots, handshaking, etc. also requests to kiss crying babies & many Gals.
    I can see poor Babe now, pretending to be very pleased, but giving me on the side - his famous 'Burned up' expression, then quickly changing to a jovial smile again. I often wished I had been able to spot that situation into a film, it would have been a riot.
    We visited Edinborough again in later years to play at the Empire theatre there, but due to working we did'nt get around to see very much of the other sights. Our rooms in the hotel were directly in front of the Castle - really a magnificent sight at sunset, quite inspiring.
    The old Metropole in Glasgow used to be a legit theatre, playing regular Dramatic shows, then Scotch & Irish play seasons also a Pantomine run during Xmas & New Year holidays, but now I think the policy is Variety & Revue & Panto, its quite an historical old place & still remains very popular with family audiences - many stars got their start there, including the Late Sir Harry Lauder.
    There are many beautiful spots in all the Isles, it would be difficult to say which I liked the very best, I enjoyed visiting them all. Yes, traveling is a wonderful education.
    Note the titles of the films you rented, I remember 2 of them, but can't think off hand what the 'Detective' story was about. Yes, working in wet clothes wasn't any pleasure, especially when we made those water scenes on the exterior all night, quitting at dawn, its a wonder we didn't get pneu-ammonia!
    You were mistaken about Andy Clyde, he was never in any of our films, but his brother worked with us once in "Bonnie Scotland".
    The model T ford that we used was always in running condition, but whenever it fell apart etc. it was replaced with a replica which was drawn into the scene with wires, one of which, when pulled, collapsed the car (just a skeleton, no motor in it).
    I didn't know there was a film rental place in Santa Monica, what is the address? I often get letters asking were prints can be had & the only place I know of is the Mohawk Film Co. Main St. Davenport, Iowa, who carry quite a stock of L&H 8 & 16mm, sound & silent, they send you a listing on request, I don't know if they are for rent or outright sale.
    I fully understand your state of mind regarding future plans Earl, it is a problem trying to decide which move to make yourself & family secure, & a location where you would be happy & contented to live. I really would'nt know what to advise you.
    Re the street shots, they used to do those actually, in the old days, but now they are mostly made at the Studio, as most of them have build permanent street sets which can be used over & over again, its much cheaper & more convenient than going outside on location, & they are able to direct the extras to move in the direction they want, you cannot do this with people on the real street. They have New York Streets, Western Town, village etc. etc. all can be remodelled to cover requirements of the story, changing around the fronts of buildings, types of stores, street signs etc. They can make a New York Street look like the Champs Elysees in Paris if necessary, its really amazing the things they can do at these major Studios. Metro & Fox have their own railroad depot, with real train on tracks, its an education to go through these studios, they are actually small Cities, they can manufacture most anything & of course employ thousands of people in all kind of trades, they have departments of Police, Fire & Post Office. I may have told you this before, hope its not boring.
    No, I was never too fond of L.A. but had to settle here on account of my work, so consequently I just became accustomed to it, but now the City has grown so much, I really would like to get out of it, so much heavy traffic makes it no pleasure to drive anymore, everywhere you go is crowded, this part of the Country seems to be a haven for 'Gyp'artistes, if you want a minor job done in the home, they charge you Five Dollars just to come (even if its just around the corner), if its only a ten minute job they charge you for a full hour, 4 or 5 bucks per. & of course Tax! The guy that put up my antenna, he was here for a half hour, put up a three Dollar outfit & charged me Forty Five, its a shocking state of affairs. He then had the nerve to ask me for an autographed picture that, l didn't mind, but when he said 'Thank you Mr Hardy'------- !!!!
    There is a rumour going around that Jackie Gleason & Art Carney are interested in making a theatre film, the 'Laurel & Hardy Story' & for me to be technical advisor on the production, so far I've heard nothing definite on the idea, so don't know how much authentic the rumour is, I haven't been approached for permission as yet. If such a thing did happen, this team would be my choice. I think they would make a success in the roles & I would certainly enjoy being active behind the scenes, plus being able to make a little bit of that Green stuff = dollars for a change.
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