Letter from Stan Laurel to Marie Hatfield

                August 7th.'58.
Dear Mrs [Marie] Hatfield:-
                Thanks your nice letter of July 25th.
Happy to tell you I am through with the Xray treatments & am feeling much better, my ailment has all cleared up, its sure a relief after that long session. Am not able to wear my denture yet, it seems the formation of my guns have slightly changed on account of my trouble, but am hoping it will soon rectify itself if not I will have to have a new set made.
    Note you saw "Bonnie Scotland" recently, its strange it has never been shown around here, also "The Devil's Brother" ("Fra Diavalo") these were two of our best films.
    Thanks for the clipping of "The Golden Age of Comedy" - wish I could have seen that, it must be very interesting.
    Am pleased to know your mother is doing to well & now able to get around - thats wonderful.
    We have been having quite a few visitors recently now that we are beck in Town, we missed all this by living so far out in Malibu, its nice to see our friends more often, am certainly glad we moved here.
    Not much to tell you, so all for now. Trust alls well with you both.
    Mrs L. joins in regards & best.
Stan Laurel Signature                 Stan Laurel.


Dear Marie & Rickey [Capra]:
    Thanks your two letters of July 17th. & 22nd. - I did'nt acknowledge the one of the 17th. in which you were concerned in not hearing from me, as I had just written to you in reply to the previous one you mentioned.
    It was sweet of you to feel worried about me, but please do'nt upset yourselves if you do'nt hear from me too often, at times I get an extra amount of mail & it takes me quite a while to catch up with it, & due to my health situation I tire very easily, so am limited to answer just a few at a time. Am sure you will understand if you do'nt hear from me right away.
    Happy to tell you I'm through with the X-ray treatments, am feeling much better again & able to wear my denture, it was a miserable three months going without them - thank goodness the trouble is overwith.
    I was sorry to hear the environment of the neighborhood was not too good for the boys, a shame that they are not able to get out more & enjoy the sunshine, but I think you are very sensible, keeping them away from mixing with that type of kids that play around there & its wonderful that Danny & Wayne are in full accord with your wishes, it must be tough on them to to have to stay indoors, especially in the summertime, but am sure they will never regret it. They are to be admired, & deserve a lot of credit.
    I do'nt have a picture of the hotel here, but am enclosing you a brochure which will give you an idea of what it looks like in drawings. Just a few blocks away from here a new amusement pier has just opened, called Pacific Ocean Park. It cost over Ten Million Dollars & is still not completed. I imagine its similar to your Pallisades Park, but more high class. If I can find any literature on this, will send it on to you, understand its a fabulous affair, the place is built over the Ocean.
    Am now getting ready to go to the Dr's for a final exam.
    Good luck & God Bless.
                As ever:-
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                August 14th.'58.
Dear Ernie [Murphy]:-
                Thanks yours of July 8th.
Happy to tell you I am through with the X-ray treatments & feeling much better - able to wear my denture again, it was sure a miserable three months not having any solid food. Anyway am glad its over with.
    We are very happy in the new apt here - really pleasant. Sorry to hear about your ear infection, must have been terribly painful - hope by now its cleared up & back in shape again - these lousey ailments can sure get you down.
    I never did hear from the Spaghetti guy that I sent the picture to, the shock was probably too much for him - still wondering how I got his address.
    I mislaid the clipping you sent me, so can't think what it was about.
    I guess you have returned from your visit to straighten out the Property deal, trust it turned out satisfactory.
    All for now Ernie, trust alls well & happy.
    Love & best from us both here.
    Good luck & God Bless.
                As ever:-
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                August 15th.'58.
My Dear Nellie [Bushby]:
    Thanks your nice letter of the 8th,inst.
So nice to hear from you again & to know alls well with you & Betty, also that your Sister-in-law is improving.
    Note the Bank Clock has finally been repaired, it must be nice to hear it chime once again after so long being silent.
    Enclosed is a picture for 'Russell', if you have requests for any more, please do'nt hesitate Nellie, it is my pleasure to send them to you. Am also sending you a brochure of the Hotel where we are living, thought you'd like to see it.
    Thanks for the address of Frank & Jean, am looking forward to seeing Jean's picture. I can imagine how they both have grown since we saw them last. That must have been an interesting trip for Frank, he must have enjoyed seeing Switzerland. I guess Jean is having a wonderful time too on the Czech tour.
    Sorry the weather has'nt been good, but glad you managed to get the Hay in alright, I can imagine the weather affects your business - hope it has'nt been too bad, you were lucky not having a great deal of Summer stock & you were able to get rid of it.
    Not much to tell you Nellie, everything here as usual, so all for now. Eda joins in love & fond thoughts to Betty & self.
    Good luck & God Bless.
                As ever:-
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Bill Cubin Adds

From my bedroom window I can see the Bank Clock. It has a distinctive chime and it is nice to think that Stan remembered it. At the time this letter was written, Miss Nellie Bushby was living with relations (I am not sure on what side of the family) as was Mrs. Perry—Trinkeld Farm, Ulverston. Mrs. Penny also had a dress shop and Nellie managed it for her.


                August 16th.'56.
My Dear Trixie [Wyatt]:
                Thanks yours 11th.inst.
We were terribly sorry to hear of your illness & having been in hospital for operation, but glad to know you are back home & on the road to full recovery - naturally you feel weak after all you went through, you've got to take it easy & get your strength back - hope you have someone there to take care of you, you should'nt be alone in that condition - do look after yourself Trixie & do'nt try to overdo yourself - rest all you can.
    Am sure you must have suffered a great deal, but thank goodness its overwith. I know it must be a great relief to you.
    Not much to tell you dear, everything here is as usual. Eda joins in love & kind thoughts & trust you will soon be well & happy again.
    Bye Trixie - God Bless.
                As ever:-
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                August 30th.'58
My Dear Lisa [Mitchell]:
    Thanks for your lovely letter, so nice to hear from you again.
    Happy to know you enjoyed your trip back East, am sure you had a wonderful time in the BIG CITY - will look forward to hear all about it.
    We are delighted that you will come to visit us with your Dad, it will indeed be a pleasure to meet him - Sept.27th. will be perfect, (about 2PM.)
    I would suggest you drive to the end of Wilshire (Ocean Avenue) then turn RIGHT (two blocks). Take elevator to 2nd floor then turn RIGHT to Apt.203.
    All news when we see you Lisa. Eda joins in love & kind thoughts.
    Bye dear & God bless.
                Sincerely always:
Stan Signature                 Stan Laurel.

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