The site is beautifully designed and makes you feel like you’re standing over the comedian’s shoulder as he types out his elegant letters to friends and fans.

Southern California Public Radio

One of my favorite websites. When you read through the letters you will get a real sense of what kind of man Stan was.

Robby Cress
Dear Old Hollywood

2012 Laurel & Hardy Website of the Year!

Laurel and Hardy Forum

This is an amazing website. They are collecting every letter written by Stan Laurel throughout his life.

Brian Sheridan
The Fedora Lounge

Another great Stan Laurel website.


Here’s another nice site you’ve gotten me into.
Daily Picks

Probably the single most attractive site dedicated to the work of Laurel and/or Hardy in existence!

Another Fine Gazette
Northern Ireland

An amazing project. I’m going to spend many hours reading this web site.

Kevin Shannon

A good read. Very generous of the site to make the correspondence available.

Corey Mitchell
The Mitchell Blog

It isn’t literature, but the thoughts he put in all those sheets create an image of the man and the time he lived in, which was unknown to the most of us.

De Morgen

Makes you want to go out and write some letters, right? Will emails be cherished this same way in the future?

Falcon Theatre
Theatre Thoughts

The absolutely wonderful allows us to discover what Stan really thought.

Musings from the North Country

2007 Laurel & Hardy Website of the Year!

Laurel and Hardy Forum

The Stan Laurel Correspondence Archive Project is my new favorite place to spend time.

Joseph Ziemba

Worth a look.

Chris Snowden

Something new and wonderful on the internet.

DT Nelson
DT Nelson’s News

Who knew that he was so prolific. Or that anyone cared enough to scan them in.

Found On The Web

Fascinating glimpses into the mind, heart and soul of Stan Laurel.

Bacon Grabbers

Our choice for website of the year!

One Good Turn

Stan Watermark