June 7,
                1 9 3 9

Mr. Henry Olson
Buena Vista University
Storm Lake, Iowa

Dear Mr. Olson:
    Each year institutions of higher learning throughout the land, recognizing the contributions which certain deserving individuals have made toward their fellow man, bestow upon them academic degrees of varying nature.
    To some go the honors of men of letters, men of science, men of laws, and rightfully so, but we feel that one great benefactor has been overlooked, his efforts on behalf of the general weal have gone academically unsung.
    We refer to the man of laughter, the purveyor of humor, the ambassador of good cheer whose influence on the well being of mankind we sincerely believe is no less important than that of science or literature.
    Now we do not mean to be presumptuous, but we do feel that an institution such as yours which should take the initiative in recognizing such contributions to the common good would receive world-wide sympathy and acclaim...particularly in a world where a sense of humor is so direly needed at the moment.
    And that leaves us in a frightfully embarrassing situation. We have been making our fellow man laugh for over a quarter century. We have cast covetous glances at the honorary degrees conferred on others for many years. Our greatest heart's desire would be gratified if we too, could be the recipients of similar honors.
    In all sincerity we appeal to you for the privilege of being granted some academic recognition on the part of your respected institution, that we might feel our work has not, in the larger sense, been in vain.
    So imbued are we with the idea that we have anticipated a bit. We are enclosing photographs of ourselves in cap and gown to show how we would appear at your exercises, should you find that we are worthy of so enviable an honor.
    Please believe that we are utterly sincere in our request, that we would regard any recognition that you might confer with the utmost dignity, and that we are looking forward to being with you at the time you may designate in the event our quest is to be granted.
    Eagerly awaiting your decision, we are
                Most sincerely yours,

Stan Laurel Signature                 STAN LAUREL
                OLIVER HARDY

Note from the Editor

This interesting letter was secretarial signed, and no doubt written by Hal Roach Studios on behalf of the Boys to create publicity for their upcoming feature film, "A Chump At Oxford."

Comedian Has A Birthday
World Wide Photos Reported

On the occasion of his birthday, June 16, Stan Laurel, film comedian, entertained a party of friends at his Beverly Hills home. A reconciliation with Mrs. Laurel (Illeana) and announcement of a coming European tour were featured announcements of a gala evening. Laurel announced that he and his partner, Oliver Hardy, will leave for a two-months’ tour of Europe following completion of their current Hal Roach production, “Just A Jiffy.”

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