Letter from Stan Laurel to Ruth Rector

                Ohio Theatre
                Columbus, Ohio
                Nov. 12th. '40

Miss Ruth N. Rector
453, Miller Ave.,
Columbus, Ohio.

Dear Miss Rector -
    Many thanks for your kind letter - greatly appreciated. Am happy to know you enjoyed our show. We go to the Stanley Theatre Pittsburgh Pa. next week then to Philadelphia. This is our 7th week Stage appearance. For our next picture we are trying to make arrangements to film Victor Herberts "Red Mill" in Technicolor, it has beautiful music & a cute Dutch Background. Again many thanks for your nice letter & with Best wishes always.
                Most sincerely,
Stan Laurel Signature

Note from the Editor

Laurel and Hardy’s actual next picture was “Great Guns” for Twentieth Century Fox. They never did make “The Red Mill,” an operetta written by Victor Herbert. The story does fit nicely into a Laurel and Hardy plot: In a small village in Holland, two American vaudevillians (Con and Kid) who have been traveling in Europe but want to return to New York, are stranded penniless in “The Red Mill” inn. Trying to sneak out without paying their bill, they are caught and thrown into jail. The Innkeeper, however, pities them and arranges for them to work at the inn until the debt is paid off. The romantic subplot involves a girl, Gretchen, who is in love with a Captain, while her father wishes her to marry the Governor. The Vaudevillians agree to help Gretchen and the Captain elope. Laurel and Hardy had already had great success translating a Victor Herbert operetta in to film with “Babes In Toyland” in 1934.

Stan Watermark