May 15, 1944

The undersigned, STAN LAUREL and OLIVER HARDY, do hereby expressly acknowledge that they have read the foregoing agreement between TWENTIETH CENTURY-FOX FILM CORPORATION and LAUREL AND HARDY FEATURE PRODUCTIONS, providing for the lending of the services of the undersigned by Laurel and Hardy Feature Productions to Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, and that for and in consideration of the execution thereof by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, they do hereby expressly consent to, ratify and approve all of the terms and conditions thereof, and warrant and agree that they will render their services and grant all rights therein set forth to be granted by the artists or either of them, subject to all of the terms and conditions therein set forth, and agree that they will look solely to Laurel and Hardy Feature Productions for compensation for their services rendered for Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation thereunder, and further warrant and agree that in the event, during therm hereof, their contracts, or either of them, with Laurel and Hardy Feature Productions shall, by reason of any matter, thing or occurrence whatsoever, be suspended, terminated and/or canceled, they, or wither of them, will nevertheless continue to render their services for Twentieth Century-Fix Film Corporation as long as said services shall be re required by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation in connection with the motion pictures to be produced under all of the terms and conditions, and at the same rates of compensation or pro rata thereof, as are provided in said contract for use of the services of the undersigned, and that upon the request of Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation they, or either of them, will enter into a contract or contracts with Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation containing all then applicable terms and provisions identical with those set forth in the foregoing agreements.
    It is further mutually understood and agreed that for the purposes of determining the commencement date of the third (3rd) one (1) year optional period described in Subsection C of Article Third of said lending agreement, in the event the option therein granted is exercised, the abovementioned second (2nd) optional one (1) year period shall have been deemed to commence on the 30th day of March, 1944.
    All of the terms and conditions of the aforementioned lending agreement shall remain in full force and effect except as herein specifically modified.
    If the foregoing is in accordance with your understanding of our agreement, will you kindly cause this letter to be executed in quadruplicate by affixing your signature under the word "Accepted" at the end hereof and return three (3) copies to us for our files.
                Very truly yours,

Stan Laurel Signature                 OLIVER HARDY

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