Please pardon the mistakes in typing as I am a Lousey se cretary. (secretary is one word).

Stan Laurel


Lauritz P. Hwass Esq.,
One No. La Salle St.,
CHICAGO. 2. Ills.

My Dear Larry:-
    I greatly appreciate your kind letter of the 8th. inst.
    Am sorry that Benny Benefico disclosed a near fact before it was definite. However, I am trying my utmost to avoid a seperation of the team regardless of our personal grievences. Anyway, it is entirely up to Mr.Hardy.
    I expect to get a showdown this week. Will advise you of the result. Please pardon the mistakes in typing as I am a Lousey se cretary. (secretary is one word).
    Well Larry, it certainly was nice to hear from you, & am looking forward to seeing you in June & trust Al & his wife will be with you & yours so I & Eda can reciprocate Your many kindnesses to us.
    With Kindest regards & every good wish to you all,
    If this clearly represents our agreement to your request, kindly so signify on the line provided in the lower left hand corner hereof.
                Most Sincerely:-
Stan Signature                 STAN LAUREL.

Chip Hwass Adds

Lauritz Hwass was a prominent attorney in Chicago. He was Trust Officer and Corporate Secretary for a number of thrift Institutions, including Chicago Title and Trust Co. and Home Bank and Trust Co. Lauritz met Stan during one of his trips to England and they became fast friends. Both enjoyed a good bottle of Scotch. The “Al” referred in the letter is my uncle Al Hwass. My father was Ed Hwass also a prominent Attorney in Chicago.

McCarthy to Make Comedy for RKO

By Thomas F. Brady

Glenn McCarthy, independent producer, today announced that his next picture for RKO will be “My Darling Is a Kangaroo,” a screen comedy about life in an animated cartoon studio, which Monty F. Collins and Frank Gill have written. The production is scheduled to start early in April, and Mr. McCarthy’s casting hopes for the picture, which will require five leading players, run the gamut from Laurel and Hardy to Cary Grant, his company disclosed. He recently completed production of “The Green Promise” for RKO release.

—The New York Times
    February 5, 1949

Stan Watermark