INSURANCE POLICY - National Union Fire Insurance Company - TYPEWRITTEN

                Policy No. D 2-18-43

This document is issued on the understanding that it is only an Abstract of the issue of the Policy named herein. It is issued as a matter of information only and confers no rights on the holder and imposes no liability upon this Company. Said Policy is subject to endorsement, alteration, transfer, assignment and cancellation without notice to the holder of this Abstract.

    FIRE AMOUNT: $10,000.00
    RATE: .425
    PREMIUM: $42.50
    PREMIUM: $15.00
    TOTAL PREMIUM: $57.50

In consideration of the stipulations herein named and of FIFTY SEVEN AND 50/100 Dollars Premium does insure JAMES E. DURKIN for the term of THREE YEARS from the 15th DAY OF AUGUST, 1949 AT NOON to the 15th DAY OF AUGUST, 1952 AT NOON against all loss or damage by fire, except as hereinafter provided, to an amount exceeding TEN THOUSAND AND NO/100 Dollars, to the following described property while located and contained as described herein, and not elsewhere, to wit:
    This Policy covers the following described property, all situated 1111 Franklin Street, SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA.
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                California Real Estate Association
                Santa Monica, California
                August 26th, 1949

Received from Stanley Laurel the sum of One thousand ($1,000.00) Dollars as a deposit on account of the purchase price of the following described property, situated in the City of Santa Monica County of Los Angeles State of California, towit: Lot 161, Tract 2365, frame and stucco single dwelling and two (2) car garage commonly known as 1111 Franklin Avenue, Santa Monica, California for the purchase price of Sixteen thousand five hundred ($16,500.00) Dollars.
    The balance of the purchase price is to be paid with Thirty (30) days from the date hereof, as follows, to-wit: Fifteen thousand five hundred dollars ($15,500.00) to be paid thru Escrow making a total of sixteen thousand five hundred dollars ($16,500.00). This price is to include furniture as of inventory furnished Escrow.
    Seller will furnish a report covering termites, dry rot and fungus (fungi) affecting the premises. If the report discloses infestation Seller is to eliminate such infestation and repair damage at his or her expense, but no prevention work shall be required. Possession to be given at the end of Escrow.
    I agree to purchase the above described property on the terms and conditions herein stated.
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James Emmitt Durkin

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