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Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Surprised to hear from you in Portland as I was just going to reply to yours of Memorial Day in N.Y. Sorry to hear your visit home is not too pleasant owing to your Dear Mother not being present - I have had the same experience, so know exactly how you feel. I do hope you will come to Hollywood before you return East, both Eda & myself would be more than happy to see you again.
    I have just got home from the hospital, was there for a couple of days for examination - bladder & Prostate. They found a little infection on the prostate which they will clear up with a few treatments, so am glad that business is over with & there was nothing serious.
    We have had one offer from Paramount for a picture & several TV propositions, but am not anxious about them at present, as I have to rest & get back in good shape. I am now 130 Lbs. so have to gain another twelve to fifteen. Note your show "DISRAELI" is not until the Fall, will certainly look forward to it.
    I got a kick out of your description of Rathbone. I think he would do very well in "The Merchant Of Venice" if he could get Louella Parsons to play PORTIA. Happy to hear of your deal at WESPORT & wish you every success.
    All for now Booth, have a hunch I'll be seeing you soon. Eda joins in love n'everything & appreciated your kind sentiments & wants you to know it's mutual.
    Bye now,
                As ever:-
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Note from the Editor

Louella Parsons (1881-1972) was the first American movie columnist.


I saw “Our Relations” on TV. the other week and got a big kick out of it seeing you, Daphne Pollard and Jimmy Finlayson.

Stan Laurel

                June 20th.'51.
Dear Betty [Healy]:-
    So nice to hear from you after all this long time & appreciate the cute card - got an awful bang out of it. I was in the hospital only a couple of days - just an examination for something due to my operation in Paris last year - nothing serious & all is OK. I understand Louella Parsons true to form, gave me the last Rites over the air.
    I saw "OUR RELATIONS" on TV. the other week & got a big kick out of it seeing you & Daphne Pollard & Jimmy Finlayson. I read where the same picture is just starting [its] 6th. months run at some Theatre in Germany - can you beat that. Ernie Murphy was in to see me yesterday & sends his best.
    Expect to leave for Italy - France & Spain for a years run in a Revue about Sept - if the War business does'nt upset our plans.
    All for now Betty, give my kindest to Spunk & trust you are both well & Happy. Bye now & God Bless,
                Bestest always,
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How's Sultan?

Betty Healy, Stan Laurel, Lona Andre, Daphne Pollard, Oliver Hardy and Iris Adrian - 1936


                June 20th.'51.
Have just been in hospital again, but only for a couple of days for a check up - glad to say all is OK. Note you have had your medical for the Air Force and waiting for your call. When you go in, I wish you lots of good luck and a safe successful career. Let me know of your activities from time to time as I shall be interested.

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