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                September 4th.'51.
My Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Thanks for yours of the 28th.Ult.←(SWANK)!
    Sorry to hear the weather is holding you up. That gets on anyones nerves, especially when you are kind of anxious to get going.
    Understand perfectly re the feud dept, that always happens when a bunch of people have to practically live with each other - it's great for about a month. After they know all each others history- then the fun begins. I have gone through that so many times in Vaudeville, the first couple of weeks or so, it's one big happy family, then they start getting into groups - the plots thicken & eventually ends up with a knock 'em down - drag 'em out business. I always managed to be good friends with the acrobats & the Lion act or the SPANISH GOLDINIS (The Knife Throwers).
    All here as usual, nothing much exciting to tell you as yet. I don't know if I shall see the picture before it is released, wish I could, as I know it requires very careful cutting & I know too, that they are more than likely to mess it up, as they don't know this kind of comedy. However I hope for the best.
    Hope the weather will soon clear up, looking forward to seeing you again & to hear all the inside news. Just got a call from our publicity man, he tells me, he was reliably informed, by the N,B.C. that our pictures they run on TV every Friday night have been checked, that Five to Six Hundred Thousand people look at our show each week. That is Los Angeles alone. Is'nt that amazing - after all these years.
    All for now Booth, Eda joins in love & too is looking forward to seeing you again real soon.
    Bye now, take good care of yourself & if a battle Royal happens to take place, due to the present feud - make up as an INDIAN & borrow a tomahawk.
    God Bless.
                As Ever:-
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Oliver Hardy, who has been touring British music-halls With Stan Laurel, confessed last night: “I couldn’t attempt a single act. I’d be lost without Stan. He does so many things I can’t do.” Earlier he appeared on the stage at the Finsbury Park Empire, N., to announce that his partner was in bed with a cold. Until Laurel’s return—probably later this week—Jewel and Warriss are topping the bill.

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