The Air Defense Minister announced in the House of Commons that a new radar system was being installed in Yorkshire, England that had two electronic brains. The project is named ‘Laurel and Hardy!’

Stan Laurel

                APRIL 4th.'60.
Dear Ernie [Murphy]:
                Thanks yours, March 30th.
Congratulations on your being remembered in Mrs. Turners Will - that was certainly a pleasant surprise - a nice gesture. I guess the good Lord just smiled on you - had you gotten the four story building in mid-Manhattan, he would have probably LAUGHED OUT LOUD.!! Anyway what you did receive was better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.!
    Pleased to note you are feeling much better Ernie - I guess those old fashioned remedies are still the best bet & more reliable than most of the medicines they put on the market these days & charge such fantastic prices for. Note you are returning to Lake Charles again soon - hope that climate wo'nt affect your arthritis condition - maybe it is'nt too bad in the summer time.
    I had an interesting news clipping sent me from London last week, regarding the Air defence Minister announcing in the House of Commons that a new Radar system was being installed in Yorkshire, Eng. that had TWO electronic Brains, which would tell the difference between a Russian Missile & a Meteor - if a missile, they would know exactly what part of Britain it would hit. He also stated that the project is named LAUREL & HARDY.!! Can you imagine? I think it was a mistake to name it this - just on account of having two brains. Actually we did'nt have ONE brain between us.!!
    Am enclosing you a gag a guy sent me from Tampa. Fla. thought you'd get a kick out of it.
    I understand a new song is soon to be published, its a ballad entitled 'SHE WAS A BUTTERFLY'S DAUGHTER - HE WAS A SON OF A BEE'.: Its really a heart breaker.
    Heard recently that Hal Roach Sr. may open up the old studio soon, minus Jr. I hope he makes a 'GO' of it & will eventually buy the place back - I guess it's going to be a struggle, but he's always been lucky in the past in getting out of the hole, so he'll probably make it again, he's got a lot of 'Guts'.
    Weather here is like mid-summer (in the 90's for several days). All for now lad. Take care of yourself.
    Love & best from us both here.
    Good luck & God Bless.
                As ever:
Stan Laurel Signature

Note from the Editor

In 1955, Roach sold his share of the debt-ridden studio to his son, Hal Roach, Jr., who in 1962 lost it to creditors. The studio, once known as “The Lot of Fun,” was torn down in 1963.

Letter from Stan Laurel to Glenn Laxton

                APRIL 5th.1960.
Dear Glenn Laxton:
                Thanks yours, March 30th.
That was quite interesting about the newspaper dated 1923, imagine 37 years ago – I remember that film "The Pest", that was made before I teamed with Mr. Hardy. The very first time I made a film with him was also in '23 & titled "A Lucky Dog". When we officially became a team in '27, our first film was called "The Battle of the Century". The one you mention "Home From the Honeymoon" was made much later, we made two versions of that story, the first was silent & the 2nd. was with sound, the latter was titled "Another Fine Mess", I don't recall the title of the silent one (the 'Honeymoon' title was never used.)
    Yes, I have a daughter, she's married & has two children - Boy & Girl, she married an actor - Rand Brooks, you've probably seen him in the "Rin Tin Tin" series.
    Our last appearance before an audience was in 1954 in Plymouth, England.
     Note you are going to appear in a Minstrel Show on the 29th. wish you lots of success in your L&H skit. Regarding the names of the Stars I know in Show Bus. – they are too numerous to mention – many I know well & others I've met.
    Mae Busch, Jimmy Finlayson & Charlie Hall am sorry to say have since passed on.
    We quit making films about 1945 & spent the rest of our time making personal appearances Abroad, except for "Utopia" which we made in France in 1950 & which was our last.
    Are you going to do the L&H skit in 'Blackface'? you'll have to make Hardy's little mustache White.!
    All for now Glenn. Take care if yourself.
                Sincerely always:
Stan Laurel Signature                 STAN LAUREL.


                APRIL 19th.1960.
My Dear Lisa [Mitchell]:
    Many thanks for the nice Easter card - very sweet of you. we too wish you a belated Easter, hope you had a lovely time.
    Yes I saw the Dick Williams article Mirror News - the recent picture of me looks like I was waiting for a street car and am looking for a bench to sit down.!
    Did you see the Jerry Lewis show last Friday evening.? A young chap did an impersonation of me. He was excellent. The resemblance and mannerisms was really good - so sure you would have enjoyed it. His name is Bill Richmond. he plays 'Drums' in the orchestra - this was the first time he appeared as an actor in front of an audience.
    Trust alls well and happy with you. Eda joins in love & bestest to yourself & Family - hope to be seeing you soon.
    Bye dear,
    Take care of yourself.
                Kind thoughts always.
Stan Laurel Signature

Letter from Stan Laurel to Marie Hatfield

                APRIL 25th.1960.
Dear Mrs [Marie] Hatfield:
    Sorry delay in acknowledging your nice letter & Easter Greeting Card. Have had an unusual amount of visitors these last few weeks, so have been busy entertaining.
    I too hope you all had a very Happy Easter. Pleased to tell you the cyst has cleared away - now I look two days younger.!
    How interesting to know your Cousin was 'Baby Marie', I remember her very well in the early silent days, she was very popular - I often wondered what had become of her, she was a cute little girl. Nice to know she is doing well in Alaska.
    Note Donald has found a new restaurant, which provides him dainty morsels - broiled snails - what a character.
    Yes, I saw the Academy Awards show, but I was'nt too pleased with it, it lacked the wonderful glamour of the old days, the present Stars do'nt have the personality, & are of little interest.
    Bob Hope was the only shining light of the evening, he was excellent as usual. I have met him on several occasions - during World War II. Hardy & I appeared in a show with him for about two weeks, we were on a Bond Raising Tour back East & the mid-West.
    He's a very nice person, there were many other Stars on the show, we traveled on a special train all the way, we did one show in each City, worked in big auditoriums & stadiums which seated thousands of people at high prices, I understand we raised over a Million Dollars in Ten Days, the show was called the 'Victory Caravan'. When we played in Washington, we were all invited to the White House & graciously entertained by Mrs Roosevelt on the front lawns, refreshments were served in a large tent while the White House Band played for us, it was a wonderful experience, Mrs R. was a charming Hostess, very cordial. We were shown through the House but the President was in some conference, so we did'nt have the opportunity to see him, but he did wave to us all from his window & threw us a kiss. If Dinah Shore had been there she would have really gone to Town in that dept.!.
    Well, think that's about all for now.
    Mrs L. joins in every good wish to you, Bob & Mother.
    Cheerio & God Bless.
                As ever:
Stan Laurel Signature                 STAN LAUREL.

Notes from the Editor

“Baby Marie” Osborne (born 1911) was the first major child star of silent films. Her most famous picture was Little Mary Sunshine, released in 1916.

From 1956 through 1963, there were few more well-known TV personalities than Dinah Shore. More than any song she sang, Dinah symbolized cheery optimism and southern charm, most remembered for blowing a big kiss to viewers at the end of her variety show.


                APRIL 25th.1960.
Dear Rita [Harrison]:
    Just recd. your letter. So sorry to know you are back in hospital again & require another operation. Hope this one will prove successful. I imagine this has already been performed & you are resting comfortably by now - probably you are back home or convalescing in Windermere. Its certainly unfortunate that you had to go through all this again, but am sure it was very necessary.
    Wish you a speedy recovery dear.
    Everything here is as usual, so nothing much of interest to tell you.
    Mrs L. joins in love & kind thoughts to yourself, Grandad, & Family.
    Good luck & God Bless.
                As ever:
Stan Signature


I saw ‘The Jerry Lewis Show’ and thought Bill Richmond was excellent in my character. The resemblance and mannerisms were uncanny. The best I’ve ever seen in an impersonation.

Stan Laurel
April 25, 1960

                APRIL 26th.1960.
Dear John [Municino]:
    Thanks yours 23rd.inst. also card you sent for Free from the restaurant.! Sorry you have'nt been feeling too good. I guess you'll have to cut out 'High Living' - you should take care of yourself Johnny, it is'nt worth the results later on - your health is the most important thing in life, that's something you can't buy.
    Yes, I read some of the reviews of "When Comedy Was King", but these were from London, Eng. They all spoke well of the film, hope I shall be able to see it sometime.
    I remember well that little picture I directed with Jimmy Finlayson & Fay Wray, it was a silent 'One Reeler' “Unfriendly Enemies” & released by Pathé - I had forgotten about that one, being so long ago. Where on earth did you see that one?.
    I saw the Jerry Lewis show - thought Bill Richmond was excellent in my character, the resemblance & mannerisms were uncanny, the best I've ever seen in an impersonation. I understand this was his first appearance before an audience as actor (he's actually the Drummer in Jerry's Band), remarkable is'nt it? he is also appearing in Jerry's new film “The Bellboy”. No I had nothing to do with his training, this was the first time I ever saw him - maybe Jerry coached him.
    I've seen your Cousin Tony several times recently on TV - he's appearing on the Steve Allen show May 9th, I believe.
    Nothing much exciting to tell you Johnny, so bye for me.
    My regards & best to Self & Mrs M.
    Cheerio & God Bless.
                As ever:
Stan Signature                 STAN LAUREL.


                APRIL 29th.1960.
Dear Gerald [Gary] Alexander:
                Thanks for your nice letter,23rd.inst.
Nice to hear from you again & to know alls well with you. Appreciate your kind thought in offering a loan of some of your pictures for use in the 'Laurel & Hardy' book - a Professor John McCabe is authoring the book & I think he would be very interested to know of this, he is in charge of the "Dramatic Arts" section of the New York University in N.Y. If you would be kind enough to drop him a line, he would be happy to hear from you, you might have some of the stills he is looking for - thanks again for your courtesey.
    Note you are graduating next June - congratulations, wish you a happy & successful future. What profession do you intend to enter?.
    I shall be most pleased to meet you whenever you visit So. California, just give me a call, my phone number is EXbrook 3-5656 at present, but should I happen to move again, you can always reach me through my attorney, his number is MAdison 4-4047.
    My kindest regards & every good wish.
                Sincerely always:
Stan Laurel Signature                 STAN LAUREL.


                APRIL 30th.1960.
My Dear Jerry [Lewis]:
    Many thanks your nice letter 27th.inst.
    I too enjoy chatting with you on the phone, it gives me a little life & a lot of pleasure.
    Am delighted to know I shall be seeing you soon - am looking forward to this.
    I appreciate your ordering the 16mm prints for me Jerry, I shall enjoy running them with you.
    All news when I see you.
    Mrs L. joins in kind thoughts to Mrs Lewis, self & Family.
    Cheerio & God Bless.
                As ever:
Stan Signature

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