Stan Laurel Timeline - 1932


Mr. Stan Laurel
Hal Roach Studios, Inc.
Culver City, California

Dear Sir:-
    Pursuant to your request, we hereby agree to a suspension of the terms and obligations of the contract between us, dated January 7th, 1930, for a period of sixty days, commencing July 10th, 1932, and ending September 12th, 1932, and that during such period as aforesaid no services need be rendered by you to us, and we are relieved of all obligations under the contract for any payments or compensation therein provided, except the compensation provided for in Paragraph Tenth thereof, which nevertheless shall be paid during said period of suspension.
    In all other particulars, the contract is to continue in full force and effect during the period of such suspension, particularly wherein it provides that any and all services by you shall be rendered exclusively for us and for our account. It is understood, however, that during said period of suspension you shall have the right to make what are commonly known as "stage appearances."
    It is our understanding that you wish this suspension for the purpose of making a vacation trip abroad.
    The period of such suspension of sixty days shall be added at the end of the contract, this the expiration of the contract is hereby extended for a period of sixty days beyond the period now provided for its termination and the same compensation shall be paid for and during the period of such extension as is provided for under the contract at the present time as compensation per week during the last year of the term of said contract.
    In all other particulars, the agreement will remain unchanged and unmodified.
    If this clearly represents our agreement to your request, kindly so signify on the line provided in the lower left hand corner hereof.
                Yours truly,
                HAL ROACH STUDIOS, INC.
                BY HENRY GINSBERG, Vice Pres.

Stan Laurel Signature


We have just finished another feature picture entitled “Pack Up Your Troubles.” I am looking forward to it doing enormous business. Everybody that has seen it, thinks that it is the best thing that we have made.

Stan Laurel

                En route to England.
                July 14th.'32

Mr. Jimmy Reed,
Capital Theatre,

My Dear Friend Jimmy:-
    Needless to tell you what a pleasant surprise it was to hear from you after all these years. Sure, I remember you very well. I'll never forget that fateful trip to Holland & Belgium. I am very happy to know that you are doing so well & sincerely trust you will enjoy continued success. I hear from Ted Leo once in a while. He has a Jazz band in Glasgow. Very sorry to hear of the news of your Dad but glad to note your Mother is well. Give her my very best. I sent you a picture before I left Los Angeles, hope you get it all right. Hardy & I leave New York July 16th. "AQUITANIA" for London & we are going to visit Glasgow & Edinburgh, so if you have a chance to come see me in Edinburgh, do so. I will advise you later, the date of our arrival there. Glad to note our pictures are doing so well for you. We have just finished another feature picture entitled:- "PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES." I am looking forward to it doing enormous business. it's a good picture Jimmy & everybody that has seen it, thinks that it is the best thing that we have made. We are expecting to have a trade showing of it in LONDON, so you will probably get all the dope on it from that source. Well, Jimmy, I hope I have the pleasure of seeing you again when I am over there.
    With kindest regards & sincere good wishes always,
                As ever, your old friend:-
Stan Laurel Signature
P.S. Will you ever forget the Palace Theatre in Leige (Belgium) All our props were out on the sidewalk next morning & the kids playing with them. I often think of it & get many a laugh.

The S.S. Aquitania

New York to Southampton Ship Manifest - July 23, 1932
S.S.: Aquitania
PORT OF ARRIVAL: Southampton
DATE OF ARRIVAL: 23rd July 1932

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