Stan Laurel Timeline - 1938



My Dearest Vera [Ivanova Shuvalova],
    Here are the pictures I took - Didn't they turn out good! I think you will like the house Dear and am sure you will be very comfortable there. We start to move in on Sunday. Sonya called me a couple of times last night. She is working today at the Studio. I may have to work this afternoon and again on Friday. I hope you are having a good rest Dear and enjoying yourself with Bobby. I went to bed right after I talked to you last night and had a swell sleep - didn't wake up till 8:30 this a.m. I do miss you my Baby and am eager to see you again. It won't be long now so don't get lonely Darling - have a real good time and be happy like I want you to be. I will call you this evening, Dear, as soon as I get back home. Bye bye my Sweetheart. I love you more and more each day and am thinking of you always and now that I have Julius to drive I don't have to worry about red lights or what road I have to take!!
    Fondest Love Ever My Vera.
                Your affectionate Husband.
Stan Signature                 xxxxx

Note from the Editor

Laurel divorced his first wife Lois Nielson and married Virginia Ruth Rogers in 1935, whom he divorced to marry his third wife Vera Ivanova Shuvalova ("Illeana") in 1938.


                Yia lublu tibia.
                Potzel wy menia.
                I love you my Darling. xxx
                Always will. xx
Stan Signature                 xxx
                To my heart. x

Note from the Editor

Written in Russian, English and French, on the back of a photograph portrait of soon-to-be wife Vera Ivanova Shuvalova, a Russian singer in 1938: I love you. [Russian] Kiss me. [Russian] Thank you. [Russian] I love you my Darling. xxx [English] Always will. xx [English] Your Stan. xxx [French] To my heart. x [English]

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