September 4th, 1938

Mr. Stan Laurel
Culver City, California.

Dear Sir:
    In connection with A CHUMP AT OXFORD in which additional material is now being made to be used in the picture for it distribution abroad, we have agreed that such picture will be released abroad in a length of about fifty-seven hundred (5700) feet instead of five reels as mentioned in the letter agreement of July 14th, 1938.
    In all other particulars, the contract between us of April 5th, 1938, and the modification thereof of July 14th, 1938, shall remain fully effective.
                Yours truly,
                HAL ROACH STUDIOS, INC.

Stan Laurel Signature

Laurel To Make Film Series For Sennett

Mack Sennett announced that he had signed Stan Laurel to star in a series of films he will make with a new producing company to be known as Sennett Pictures Corporation. Laurel was under contract to Hal Roach as a member of the Laurel and Hardy comedy team, until last month, when Roach broke up the combination, alleging that Laurel violated his contract, and substituted Harry Langdon as Hardy’s mate.
    Sennett’s first Laurel picture will be “Problem Child,” story of a son of midget parents who grows up to full size. Jed Buell, who made “The Terror of Tiny Town,” an all-midget feature, has been signed as associate producer. No releasing date has been set for the films, but the announcement marks Sennett’s return to the production field after several years of semi-retirement.

—The New York Times
    September 12, 1938

Exclusive On The Set

Stan Laurel on Swiss Miss Set

Stan Laurel in the Alpine outfit he wears in “Swiss Miss,” a new musical production in which he co-stars with Oliver Hardy at the Hal Roach Studios.

—Photo by STAX
    September 22, 1938

Stan Watermark