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My Dear Earl Shank:-
    Very many thanks for your extremely kind thought in sending me such a generous amount of vitamin tablets. I certainly appreciated your nice gesture & was delighted to get them, they really do help me a great deal. Thanks again.
    Pleased to tell you I have improved a great deal, Dr. thinks I shall be in shape to work again about next April. Needless to tell you I am looking forward to getting back in harness once more - it sure has been a long road back, but am out of the Woods now & things look brighter Thank God.
    Hope you have a wonderful New Year Earl, lots of good luck, good health & happiness.
                Sincerely always:-
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Letter from Stan Laurel to Gary Alexander

                1111,Franklin St.,
                SANTA MONICA.CALIF.

Mr. Gary Alexander,
1015,Oakdale Ave.,

Dear Gary Alexander:-
                Thanks yours of the 4th.inst.
Appreciate very much your kind thought - will forward your nice letter to Mr Hardy who lives out in San Fernando Valley (Sherman Oaks or rather Van Nuys, which is same section)
    I know He will wish to join in wishing you & yours a wonderful New Year, lots of good luck, good health & happiness in '56.
    Kind regards,
                Sincerely always:-
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I didn’t look at the Rose Parade—am allergic to roses!

Stan Laurel

Dear Betty [Healy]-
                Thanks your nice letter 5th.inst.
Glad you and Wayne had a nice time - am sure you enjoyed it better than going to Bakersfield under those conditions - sounds awful - you always seem to be the victim of unlucky family affairs and situations. Anyway it's good that you didn't go this year & won't be so generous in the future.
    We had dinner with Eda's Brother & Wife on Xmas - we took them to dinner New Year's Eve to "The Fox & Hound" (a restaurant near here) the food was wonderful - then we all came home and opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate the New Year's Eve, we tuned in (TV) on big crowd at the Ambassador Hotel - they were all singing "lang Syne" so we felt we were in the party too & helped us to get in the spirit of things - so a good time was had!
    Pleased to hear you've finished your book & hope it will be a success for you - lots of good luck Betty.
    All for now. Eda joins in kind regards & again - Happy & Prosperous New Year to Wayne & self. Hope too the deal for the house goes through.
    Bye & God Bless-
                Sincerely always,
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I didn't look at the Rose Parade - am allergic to roses!!!


Thought for a while I’d never be able to walk again. It really was an awful experience.

Stan Laurel

Dear Ellina Turner:-
    I have been on the sick list since last April, had a slight stroke which paralyzed my left arm and leg, but happy to tell you I made a wonderful recovery, & soon be in good shape to return to work.
    We have a new series of films to make at our old studio (Hal Roach) so am looking forward to being back in harness once more. I have certainly been very fortunate Thank God - thought for a while I'd never be able to walk again, it really was an awful experience to go through.
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Letter from Stan Laurel to Harry Wilkerson

                1111,Franklin St.,
                SANTA MONICA.CALIF.

Mr. Harry Wilkerson,
22,Darling St.,

Dear Mr. Wilkerson:-
    Thanks your interesting letter 23rd.inst.
    I shall be most pleased to autograph the stills you enclosed & return to you, but as you did'nt mention about Mr Hardy, I am wondering if you wanted his signature on them too. Will you please let me know.
    Kind regards & best wishes,
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