Note from Stan Laurel to Marie Hatfield
Laurel and Hardy Autographed Photo

Dear Mrs [Marie] Hatfield,
    Thank you for your very nice letter. Your kind thoughts & good wishes are deeply appreciated. Kindest regards always.
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I saw Mr Hardy a few weeks ago—didn’t look too good—lost so much weight, don’t think you would recognize him on the street.

Stan Laurel

Dear Earl [Shank] Jr.:-
                Thanks yours 11th.inst.
Note your decision re the vitamins - no wonder Bus. has been bad, you give everything away. I still would have much rather paid for them Earl. However, I can only hope for an opportunity to do something in turn for your very kind gestures, for which again many thanks.
    Sorry to hear Bus. has been slow all summer, I was under the false impression that Drug stores were profitable all year round, never thought it was seasonable, maybe yours is due to location or chain concerns in opposition. Anyway am glad it has started to improve & things are getting busy again.
    Yes, we have had quite a heat session for a few days, but cooling off now for a while, the worst thing about it is, everything gets so dry & causes a great many forest fires around this section of California, & many times get out of control & does a lot or serious damage, & adds to the heat & smog situation.
    The big trouble with the Suez crisis is, that if we give in to this guy Nasser, it will cause another situation with the Panama, then Spain will want Gibralter [sic] back, Red China will want Formosa & Hongkong [sic], the Mexicans will want California & the Indians will want back their States - "Another Nice Mess You Got Me Into"! Dulles would certainly have a handfull.
    I think the negro question down South is terrible & for no reason, its about time the die hard whites paid attention to the L & M cigarette ads - "Live Modern", they do'nt object to the color line when the guys go to war & give their lives to protect them & their beloved South, I certainly do think it very un-American & a disgrace to this great Country.
    Thanks for the TV listing, our films run here 7 nights a week at 12-30 but no "our Gang" are shown. I saw Mr Hardy a few weeks ago, did'nt look too good - lost so much weight, do'nt think you would recognize him on the street, he dropped from 360lbs. to 210, I was really shocked to see such a change. I do'nt see him often as he lives out in the San Fernando Valley, about 30 miles from here in Van Nuys. Calif.
    Glad you contacted a lawyer for advice on your case with AMA, too bad you will have to wait another year, how does he feel about it? any chance of getting anything back?.
    Well, all for now Earl. If ever you do come out here again, it will indeed be MY pleasure to meet you personally, so please do'nt hesitate, I'd fully enjoy that.
    My Kindest regards & every good wish to your Dad, Mother, self & your wife & again thanks for everything.
                Sincerely always:-
Stan Laurel Signature                 Stan Laurel.

Note from the Editor

On July 26, 1956 Egypt seized the Suez Canal. That day, Egypt’s president, Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser, announced the nationalization of the Suez Canal Company to provide funding for the construction of the Aswan High Dam.

“Live Modern” was the slogan of L&M cigarettes.

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks, who was black, refused to give up her seat on a public bus to make room for a white passenger. She was arrested, tried, and convicted for disorderly conduct and violating a local ordinance. After word of this incident reached the black community, 50 African-American leaders (including a young Baptist minister named Martin Luther King, Jr.), gathered and organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott to demand a more humane bus transportation system.

Stan Laurel Timeline - 1956

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Did you hear on the TV news yesterday that Babe had suffered a stroke? I sincerely hope he pulls through, poor guy.

Stan Laurel

Dear Betty [Healy]:-
                Thanks yours 11tn.inst.
Can understand re getting a license being more difficult than it used to & having to fully understand the legal end of it, I think that is a good thing, but I do'nt get the idea why you have to be connected with a real estate firm for TWO YEARS to enable you to put in an application? I'm not too familiar with this business, but have known of many people who went into to it, who immediately started out for themselves & did'nt have to work for any outfit, merely to get a character reference + give you the opportunity to apply for a license & it does'nt sound right to me, at least I've never heard of such a thing, especially being a LAW. Anyway, the main thing is to get going & start making some money, but it does'nt seem right that you should have to share your profit for that length of time, Its alright on the deals you make on their projects, like Hesperia etc. but why on any others you happen to pick up during the 2 year period. I still think you could get your license regardless of them or anyone else, its like having to work 2 years for an owner of a saloon before you would be eligible to get a liquor license.
    I certainly got a laugh re Ted & his mania for Castles, can you imagine if he had seen this? (Coolmaine) he'd have been riding around in Jaunting Carts with the Coat Of Arms painted on the side "The HEALY'S OF COOLMAINE CASTLE", kidding aside, I think its a wonderful buy at that price, I imagine the antique furniture alone is worth a great deal, incidently , you had better check on that - if the price includes the furnishings, also what the Taxes are, & too try & get the exclusive rights to sell over here in your name. Did I send you his letter where he expected to sell for less? If the furniture is included, I think you could get much more.
    That sure was a rotten deal on your jewelry - am very surprised indeed, thats just plain crooked.
    Note re the insurance man trying to get information,I think you should ignore him entirely, do'nt even discuss the matter, let your attorney do all the talking. Its about time something was done about it too.
    I had nice letters from the kids I sent the pictures to, also Aunt Sis, now they want to start a L&H fan club!.
    Did you hear on the TV news yesterday that Babe had suffered a stroke & was in St. Josephs Hospital (Burbank) I talked with his wife Lucllle, but she could'nt tell much about his condition as he was in partial coma, I sincerely hope he pulls through, poor guy.
    All for now Betty.
    Trust you are continuing the improvement & feeling much better. My best to Wayne & self.
                As ever:-
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Lois Laurel Adds

Coolmaine castle was originally built by the de Courcey family in the early 1400s. Over the years it passed through the hands of a number of families, including that of the Earls of Cork and Oliver Cromwell. Roy Disney, Walt’s nephew, bought it about 20 years ago from Hollywood photographer Bob Willoughby. It’s thought Disney paid a lot less than the £500,000 price tag, but since then he has lavished millions of dollars on making it a thoroughly modern and ultra-comfortable home which he visits frequently.

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Dear Betty [Healy]:-
                Thanks your letters,(18th.inst.)
Am returning herewith the license information. It seems a lot of changes have been made in this dept. they've certainly made it tough to get into business for yourself, anyway, I guess you'll have to serve a two year apprentice with the Strout Co. as saleswoman, before you can go it alone, nothing else you can do about it, so I think you would be wise to get associated with them as soon as possible & take advantage of the experience & knowledge to enable you to get a Broker's license & at the sane time make some money for yourself. The main thing is to get started.
    Your description or Ted's idosyncrasy's is terrific, & would make a wonderful book, I really laughed out loud reading about it - what a character! funny thing the other night, two of the Stooges were on the Tom Duggan show & were telling of their experiences with Ted, they told about the time Ted owing a big bill at a hotel & had them walk out wearing several suits of clothes each time, this situation was used later in a play called "Room Service" & the Marx Bros. made a picture of it.
    Mo Howard said he was with Ted at the time this happened. The other stooge was the half bald guy with long hair standing up in the back, do'nt know what his name is.
    Am just getting over some sinus trouble - headaches etc. Dr. thinks its an allergy - had exrays taken yesterday & going to have tests made on Monday to try & find out whats causing it, when I sneeze I feel like the top of my head is being blown off - very painful.
    Think thats all for now Betty. Eda joins in all the best to Wayne & self & hope you are feeling much better.
    Bye, good luck & God Bless.
                As ever:-
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Note from the Editor

Tom Duggan (1915-1969) was an extremely popular television commentator in Chicago from 1949 to 1956 and then in Los Angles until his death.

The Three Stooges started their career with Betty’s husband Ted Healy and were, of course, Moe Howard (1897–1975)—with the “bowl cut” hairstyle; Curly Howard (1903–1952)—with the shaved hairstyle; and Larry Fine (1902–1975)—the “half bald guy with long hair,” as Stan describes him.

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Miss Lisa Mitchell,
1811,Garfield Place,

Dear Lisa:-
    Please pardon the long delay in making an appointment with you. Fact is, my health has'nt been too good, I got some kind of an allergy which affected my nose & ears & caused fits of sneezing & headaches, at first I thought it was sinus trouble & had Exrays made, fortunately it wasn't that, then I had my eyes tested, to see if my glasses were causing the headache, but they were OK, so have ben taking medication & allergy tests which have given me relief & has helped me a great deal. Hence my not calling you as promised.
    I imagine you are back at school now during the week, so how about visiting me next Saturday afternoon? Maybe your Mom & Dad could drive you out. If thats not convenient, give me a call & we can arrange some other day for you.
    I guess you heard about Mr Hardy being ill, I sure feel bad about it, that was a terrible thing to happen.
    Well, all for now Lisa, will look forward to seeing you real soon. Mrs Laurel joins in all god wishes & trust alls well & happy.
    Bye now.
Stan Signature

Note from the Editor

Lisa Mitchell was a young actress who appeared in many movies and television shows, most notably The Ten Commandments in 1956 where she portrayed the youngest of Jethro’s seven daughters.

Oliver Hardy Suffers Stroke

Oliver Hardy, the hefty member of the Laurel and Hardy movie comedy team, suffered a stroke today and was rushed to a hospital where he was described in “very poor condition.” A spokesman at St. Joseph’s Hospital in near-by Burbank was quoted as saying the comedian was not responding to treatment and could be considered as “practically critical.” Mr. Hardy and Stan Laurel have appeared in some 200 pictures during the last twenty years.

—The New York Times
   September 15, 1956

Oliver Hardy’s Condition Gains

Oliver Hardy, the chubby member of the famed Laurel and Hardy comedy team, showed slight improvement today in St. Joseph’s Hospital. Mr. Hardy, 64 years old, spent a comfortable night and responded well to treatment, a hospital spokesman said. However, he still is in a serious condition from the effects of a stroke suffered Friday.

—The New York Times
   September 17, 1956

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