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                March 1st.'56.
Dear Betty [Healy],
                Thanks yours Feb.24t.inst.
So sorry to hear about your arthritis condition, that must be terribly painful. I don't think a permanent cure has been discovered yet, but there are several things that will give you temporary relief. Eda is troubled a bit with it in her fingers - the Dr. gave her some Pills which help quite a bit - if you like, I will find out what they are, but I guess you'll have to get a Dr's prescription to get them. There are different types of this ailment, so maybe your Dr. would know what's best for you. I understand infra-red lamp treatment is very good - have you tried that? Anyway, when the warm weather starts in I think you'll feel better.
    No, I haven't heard any further re Peggy Bostock - I imagine it would have been in the news if anything had happened to them all - getting lost etc. so guess alls OK in that dept.
    You certainly must have your hands full taking care of all those dogs & horses - that's really a chore. However, I know you are very fond of animals & get a lot of enjoyment out of them.
    Pleased to hear Wayne is going to start building soon - that will mean a lot of hard work for you both, but as you say it will enhance the property value. I imagine you will build a new style house - the modern style kitchen etc. I always look at the pictures & plans of them in the HOME MAGAZINE SECTION (Sunday Examiner) they are wonderful - they certainly eliminate a lot of house work & you save the cost of walls & doors etc. I like the idea of the Garage built on to the house too (that saves a wall) We have been thinking of selling our place & build on a beach frontage in or near oceanside.
    Yes, TV is wonderful, its become part of our lives and is certainly a Godsend to many people - brought so much happiness & pleasure into the homes - discovered many great talents we would have never seen or heard of, besides the vast education it offers us - the weird thing is that the inventor of it died BROKE! I saw the original model on display in Glasgow Scotland.
    Glad to hear Marcia is doing so well - that's wonderful - well all here as usual so nothing exciting to tell you. I am improving quite a lot but not fast enough for me (11 months now) its pretty monotonous. ANyway I'm very fortunate to at least be able to get around.
    All for now Betty - hope you'll find something to make you feel better. Eda joins in all the best to Wayne & self.
    Bye & God Bless.
                As ever-
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Any news of the Children's Books?

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My Dear Trixie [Wyatt]:
    Don't think I've heard from you for several weeks & reading about the terrible winter you have been having. Am wondering if you're OK - hope you didn't get the Flu or something - you have sure had some shocking weather this year.
    A friend of Benny Barron's was over here for a visit, to see his daughter in Long Beach (about 30 miles from here) & called in to see me for a couple of hours - had quite a nice time - he is returning to Sunderland this month - when you see Benny, tell him I enjoyed meeting his friend & Thanks for the introduction. I had a letter from Jackie Harrison, didn't say much - still not doing anything - poor chap, its a shame.
    I am coming along fine & improving each day - it should'nt be long now before I'm able to work again - its been quite a siege - 11 months now - what a waste of time.
    Well Dear, all for now - do hope you are well & going along good. Eda joins in love & kind thoughts.
    Drop us a line real soon.
    Bye & God Bless.
    Our kind regards & best wishes,
                As ever-
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                March 15th.'56.
Dear Betty [Healy]:-
    Yes, TV is wonderful, its become part of our lives & is certainly a Godsend to many people - brought so much happiness & pleasure into the homes - discovered many great talents we would never seen or heard of, besides the vast education it offers one - the weird thing is that the inventor of it died BROKE!
                As ever-
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                March 20th.'56.
Dear Jack [McCabe]:-
                Thanks yours 15th.inst.
I was astounded to hear re Cohen's demands, just can't get over it. I certainly do'nt blame you for getting burned up, I feel plenty sore about it too, he sure has a lot of gall. I'm sorry I suggested contacting him now, but of course I was under the impression he was a great friend of Babe's for many years, & would be happy to give us a couple of incidents etc. However, we can get along without his Information & am sure he knows what to do with his stills.
    I think you misunderstood my suggestion re renting a 16mm camera, I said that I have a 16mm sound projector & we could probably rent some of the old films & run them at home here - anyway, we can discuss it when you arrive.
    Frankly, I do'nt know if there are any prints around of the films you mention "Putting Pants on Philip" & "Battle Of The Century" but am sure I can give you all details on them you will need, I remember them quite well as they were our first two pictures, I recall the stories, most of the cast, directors etc. incidently, Leo McCarey directed "Pants" & Clyde Bruckman "Battle" - poor Clyde committed suicide a couple of years ago (shot himself in a car in Santa Monica) he might have come across an old print of "Battle" & had just run it again! poor guy, he came to see me a few months before this, he was directing Buster Keaton in some TV shorts at the time & was trying to get us to make a series to alternate with Buster.
    Well, all for now Jack. We are very much looking forward to seeing you again, imagine you will be flying out to save travel time.
    Eda joins in kindest regards & good wishes - trust your Mother is feeling much better again & alls well with you.
                As ever:,
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Note from the Editor

Actor Joe Cohen appeared from 1916-1917 in a number of comedy shorts with Oliver Hardy years before he teamed up with Stan Laurel.

Clyde Bruckman—who worked with Buster Keaton, W.C. Fields, Laurel and Hardy, The Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello, and Harold Lloyd—took his own life on January 4, 1955.


On ‘Wooden Soldiers’ film...too bad it wasn’t made in color. The sets looked beautiful to the eye.

Stan Laurel

                March 29th.'56.
My Dear Earl Shank:-
    It was very interesting to read your comments on 'Wooden Soldiers' film, too bad it was'nt made in color the sets looked beautiful to the eye, it had color of the rainbow like a story book picture effect, but being shot on black & white film, it lost a lot of glamour & turned out very disappointing.
    I think Virginia Karns married a wealthy doctor & retired. I do'nt know what became of Felix Knight he certainly had a wonderful voice but unfortunately he was a very poor actor, could'nt read lines & was very awkward in appearance. He sang a number in another picture with us 'Bohemian Girl' no part, just one of the gypsies. After that I never heard or saw him again. The 'Soldiers' was his very first film, someone found him working in a garage, Roach gave him an audition with some others for the part & was carried away with his voice & didn't stop to think about the guy's acting experience, so we had quite a time trying to teach him to troupe.
    There was also a girl who played Mary Mary All Contrary - a minor bit, you probably didn't even notice her, well. she today is Marie Wilson who did a dumb blonde series on TV & also plays a great deal with Ken Murray! Hope I'm wrong, but I believe Florence Roberts died a couple of years or so ago, which reminds me, this picture was originally titled 'Babes In Toyland' It was a revised version of Victor Herbert's musical show which was produced fifty odd years ago in which Florence Roberts played Bo Peep, & here in this she played the old lady that lived in a shoe funny how things happen isn't it.
    Yes, the elves were made up of kids & a couple of midgets. Don't know what happened to Henry Kleinbach.

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