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                3 April '56.
Dear Ernie [Burdis]:-
    I gave Moralee the clippings per your request. He read your letter re your past & present activities, which interests him very much & mentioned he was going to write you. It was the first time I met your Aunt, she is a very attractive lady & a sweet personality, & like your Uncle, a good sense of humour. Their daughter has the same qualities, so certainly a lovely family, & a pleasure to know them. We had a grand time swapping memories of 40 odd years, even to singing some of the old Tyneside comic songs, I really got a big kick out of it, I think a good time was had by all. Of course, a little toddy helped spur the occasion! Moralee brought a couple of pieces of his marble art work to show me, a placque of Mary Pickford, & Wm. Farnum, a famous American stage actor, both placques were magnificent works of art, the likenesses were really amazing - never saw anything like it, a truly great artist. He also loaned me a book of Tyneside poems (in Geordie language) by Richard Scott, published in 1927 by Hewitt & Brown Ltd. Whitley Bay, titled "Over The Anvil". If possible, you should try & get a copy, am sure you would enjoy it, it has a glossary which translates the words of the Geordie poems - do'nt think I would have understood half of the lines without it. I was very interested to know you started at old "Boro" in '24. I guess you knew my Dad built & ran the place originally.
    Glad you got the picture OK. In your last 3 or 4 letters you have'nt mentioned it.
    Well, think thats all for now. Mrs L. joins in love & kind thoughts.
    My best to Mrs B. & self.
    Bye & God Bless-
                Sincerely always-
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Dear Trixie [Wyatt]-
                Thanks yours 14th.inst.
Was sorry to note you were unable to accomodate the School Master - too bad, that certainly would have been a nice deal for you. Couldn't you have got a 2nd hand divan & make small payments each month? It's a shame you had to miss such as good an opportunity as that - especially the Master being retired & was in a good position financially.
    Anyway, hope next time someone good xomes along you will be prepared for that situation. It was fortunate that Mr. Pringle had the bath & toilet installed otherwise you would'nt have had much chance in renting to anyone.
    Pleased to know Jack Graham was looking good - he's a sweet guy - I imagine you saw Benny Barron too - hope you all had a nice time together as usual.
    Nothing much exciting to tell yow dear - am feeling pretty good but still not in condition to work yet, this inactivity is sure getting monotomous (over a year now) isn't that awful! However, hope it won't be long before the Dr. gives me the Green light to go back to worh again. Some friends of mine from STOCKSFIELD (nr. North Shields) are going to atop here on their way over from Australia for a day - the ship arrives here June 23rd so we are going to meet them (MR & MRS JACK HOGG) he used to go to school with me in Tynesmouth. The Capt. of the ship is from Whitley Bay, so we expect to have a nice time with them all.
    All for now Trixie - Eda joins in love & best.
    Take care of yourself. Bye dear & God Bless.
                As ever.
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Dear Ernie [Murphy]-
                Thanks yours 16th.inst.
Was pleased to hear from you again - got a big kick re the clipping about the holdup in New Orleans - what a character that barmaid is - very funny.
    Have been trying to figure out who on earth was sending me the Mardi Gras papers from N.O. never thought about you - many thanks Ernie - they were very interesting indeed.
    Sounds like you had a hectic time with Thelma & Bess & plenty of laughs. The crack about culture in the Belly is a classic - wonderful!
    Babe is still on the diet bus. he's now 218 lbs - can you imagine?
    Have'nt seen him for several months so don't know what he looks like & to top it off, he's having trouble with his gall Bladder (or Stones) I guess he's just not feeling or looking too good. Young Hal Roach called me last week re going back to work, but of course it's out of the question right now - with the health situation of us both - altho' I am feeling good & greatly improved, I doubt I could take on anything strenuous for a while yet. We certainly have been unfortunate in the health dept. this last year or so. Anyway we are lucky our old films have kept the name alive on TV otherwise we would have disappeared entirely. We just had a deal offered to Tour Australia & New Zealand for a year - only eight shows a week - think I could manage that, but Babe does'nt like personal appearances or the Traveling, so I guess that's out.
    Well all for now Ernie - Eda joins in all the best & Trust alls well & happy with you.
    Bye now & God Bless.
                As Ever -
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Did you hear this one? -
Some parents explained so much to their young son about the "Birds & the Bees" he's now going steady with a sparrow!!


                1111,Franklin St.,
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                U.S.A. April 19th.'56.

Charles O. Clayton Esq.,
36,Wolsey Road,

Dear Mr Clayton:-
    Many thanks for your interesting letter of March 23rd last, with your idea & description of a comedy film regarding a voyage to Mars.
    Due to the fact that we are not making short comedies anymore, am afraid this idea would be of no use or value to us. However, we greatly appreciate your kindly interest.
    It is a funny idea & has a lot of comedy possibilities, maybe Jewel & Warriss might be interested for a film TV short - Just a thought.
    Our kind regards & best wishes,
                Sincerely always:-
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Note from the Editor

James Arthur Thomas J. Marsh, known as Jimmy Jewel, (1909-1995) was a British television and film actor. Jewel’s early career was as part of a double act with Ben Warriss (1909–1993), who together made regular television appearances in the 1950s after a popular radio comedy series Up the Pole in the post-war years. The pair were reputed to be Britain’s leading double-act in variety.


                1111,Franklin St.,
                SANTA MONICA.CALIF.

My Dear Teddy [Desmond]:-
    Thanks your nice letter 19th.inst. Was so pleased to hear from you again, only, sorry to note you have been having a rough time in the health dept. its certainly discouraging for you to have those lousey spells. Anyway, I hope the weather will soon get wanner & give you some relief - too bad you can't get away from there during the winter & stay in some sunny climate, & return for the summer season only, but I guess your bus. is an all year Job whether open or not & keeps you pretty well tied down.
    I got a big kick out of the cartoon clipping of Bulge & Krush, very funny. I really do'nt know what to think about their good neighbour policy talk, disarmament plans etc. after their past performances its hard to believe if they are on the level & really sincere in their proposals, I think this government is taking it with a grain of salt so far, & waiting for some definite proof of their peaceful desires, such as freeing the satelite Countries - East Germany etc. & cutting out the Iron Curtain bus. & putting the atom stocks into useful purpose which would benefit the whole World - thats my big wish.
    Note re Gertie's Birthday, please convey my belated greetings, we sure are all getting on, mine is in June too (66). Interesting to hear re Brian being in the film bus. wish him lots of good luck & a successful career. Yhat type of work is he doing?
    I have read re Chaplin preparing a new picture, understand he's not going to appear in it - Just direct & produce. We wo'nt get to see it in this Country as all his films are banned here, due to this I have'nt seen his last one "Limelight".
    The Davy Crockett was a hell of a craze with the kids here too for a short while, but had a very short life when they found out that he was'nt a Hero of his time - he was a criminal or something, so they gave Davy the bums rush - cap'n all.!.
    Yes, the Grace Kelly marriage was a Roman Holiday for the papers here too, it really took the place of World Affairs for several weeks. I think eyerybodys glad its over with & are now saying "Where were we"?. Do'nt know if I told you or not (in my last letter) that Norman Wisdom was in Hollywood a few weeks ago & came to visit me, we had a lovely afternoon & evening together. He was over here on business, & I understand he is goine to make a film for Columbia Studios, part to be made in London & the rest in Las Vegas, I think its going titled "An Englishman In Las Vegas." A day or two after he saw me, he & his Wife were flying to Jamaica for a couple of weeks holiday then return home by boat. I guess he's back by now. Well, think thats all for now Teddy. Eda joins in love & kind thoughts to Gertie, self, Cynthia & family.Trust you'll have a real successful season this year. Drop a line when you feel like it, always enjoy hearing from you.
    Bye & God Bless.
                As ever:-
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Note from the Editor

Nikita S. Khrushchev (1894-1971) was a Soviet statesman who led the Soviet Union during part of the Cold War. Together with his Deputy Prime Minister Nikolai A. Bulganin (1895-1975), they were nicknamed “Bulge and Krush” by the popular British press.

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