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Dear Earl Shank,
    Many thanks for copy of L&H comic book, recd. a week or so ago. Are you handling them on your magazine stand? if so, would like to know if they are selling at all. Haven't seen any in this section of the country & am wondering why. Our interest in the circulation doesn't amount to much financially as we gave permission mainly for publicity purpose.
    Pleased to tell you I am coming along OK & making good progress. Needless to say, I am very fortunate.
    Kind regards & best wishes.
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POSTCARD - 1111 Franklin St., Santa Monica, CA - HANDWRITTEN

Dear Henry [Wilkerson]-
    Sorry delay in returning stills. Mr. Hardy is in Palm Springs & will autograph them as soon as he returns.
    Just wanted you to know the reason for not being able to attend to this matter.
    Pardon my error in getting your name mixed with H. W. (REPORTER) you see I'm still in character!
                Regards & Best.
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RUBBER STAMP - 1111 Franklin St., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

Dear Earl Shank Jr.,
    Very many thanks for yours of 15th.inst. with enclosure of Comic Books, its certainly very kind of you to go to all this trouble, really do'nt know how to thank you for the many nice gestures. Hope one of these days I shall have the opportunity to reciprocate.
    I appreciate the information of sale on our Comics, it is very Interesting to know that they are selling on a par with the others. As I told you in my last, we do have a small interest financially, but we figured the publicity would be of more value than the small amount we might get out of the sales percentage.
    I notice that ours are published by a different Co. than the other two you sent, evidently the distributor in Frederick, handles many concerns. Its strange they do'nt appear on the stands around here, it should be a profitable market for them in this large area.
    Am afraid I do'nt remember Col. Gough by name, might recall if I saw & talked with him. However thanks for his message & please convey my regards & best. Have heard of Bob Rush many times in the Trade papers, but do'nt know him personally, interesting you went to the same College.
    Re the film of "This Is Your Life" appearance, I do have a copy of it, but am afraid it would be pretty expensive to have a re-print made. It is half hour length & a negative would have to be made from this print first, before you could get another positive print, so I imagine it would cost plenty. However, if you are interested, I could find out for you at one of the Labs here what they charge, & will be pleased to loan them my print for that purpose. Let me know & I can check on it.
    Regards & best wishes,
                Sincerely always:-
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