Letter from Stan Laurel to Dorathi Piere - January 2, 1950
STAN LAUREL LETTERHEAD - 1111 Franklin Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

All here is usual—winding the clock and putting the cat out. So nothing exciting to tell you.

Stan Laurel

My Dear [Dorathi Pierre]:-
    Please pardon the long delay in thanking you for your kind Xmas gift, it was very sweet of you & I greatly appreciate it.
    Both Eda & I have been down with the Flu for a couple of weeks, but now feeling much better thank goodness.
    Talked with Jack a couple of days ago, told me you were having a tough trip of one nighters, but am sure your Corsican Blood will overcome it.
    Sorry we missed seeing you when you were here - however will look forward to your return.
    All here is usual - winding the clock & putting the cat out, so nothing exciting to tell you.
    Eda joins me in love & kind thoughts always.
                Bye now.
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P.S. We are now playing CANASTA - crazy about it. Better prepare yourself for a Canasta part[y] when you get back. It's a much better game than "TIDDLEY WINKS".

Janice Franklin Adds

Dorathi Bock Pierre was my Aunt’s sister-in-law. She was a public relations director at the Greek theatre in Hollybowl. This is how¬†she first met Stan.

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