Hotel D'Iena,
                4, Place D'Iena,
                PARIS. 16e.

Mr. Jacques Max,
5, Rue l'Alboni,
PARIS. 16e.

Dear Mr. Max:-
    Many thanks for yours of Nov. 15th with your script "TWO KINGS FOR A VILLIAGE".
    Sorry to advise you, We could't use at the present time, owing to the fact that we are going to make personal appearances after we finish this picture in England & Australia, which will take us about a year & a half more before we consider any more picture commitments. so am returning your script herewith. Trust you fully understand our situation.
    Wishing you the seasons Greetings,
    Regards & best wishes,
                Sincerely yours:-
Stan Laurel Signature                 LAUREL & HARDY.


My Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Two new shows a week is too much & not worthwhile when it is taking chances with the Health Dept. Glad you are feeling much better again - that Pleurisy Bus. is not so good. The ambition & hard work is wonderful, but we all have a tendency to over do it & don't realize the damage it does to our systems. So take it easy for a while Booth.
    Sorry to hear old Bill Shakespeare was so God Dam Stingy. To hell with him - I won't read any more of his Bloody Books! I never could understand them anyway.
    Yes, this war crisis is awful & am afraid its a fight to the finish now. The Destruction && loss of lives is too horrible to think about.
    Am feeling much better & hope to start shooting again about Jan. 15th. All the work will be done here at the Studio. We are through with the Riviera. Hope you had a nice Xmas. We stayed home & took it easy - had enough excitement for one year.
    Eda joins in every good wish for a Happy & Prosperous New Year & take real good care of yourself.
    Bye Booth,
                As ever-
Stan Signature

Ida Laurel Added

My dear Booth, just a few lines to wish you very, very Happy New Year. We will take easy and will stay at home. I am tired anyway, so don’t feel like going out. Weather is terrible here. Well, that is all for now. Take good care of yourself. Love! Ida

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