Hotel D'Iena,
                4, Place D'Iena,
                PARIS. 16e.

Mr. Jacques Max,
5, Rue l'Alboni,
PARIS. 16e.

Dear Mr. Max:-
    Many thanks for yours of Nov. 15th with your script "TWO KINGS FOR A VILLIAGE".
    Sorry to advise you, We could't use at the present time, owing to the fact that we are going to make personal appearances after we finish this picture in England & Australia, which will take us about a year & a half more before we consider any more picture commitments. so am returning your script herewith. Trust you fully understand our situation.
    Wishing you the seasons Greetings,
    Regards & best wishes,
                Sincerely yours:-
Stan Laurel Signature                 LAUREL & HARDY.


                Hotel D'Iena,
                Ave. D'Iena,
                PARIS. 16e. FRANCE.

My Dear Serge [Ganjou]:-
    Needless to tell you how delighted we were to receive your kind Xmas card, especially that we had'nt the slightest idea you were in England. The last we heard of you was through Harry Moreny that you were touring in Australia & probably going to the States. Is Bob ith you? I wrote you fromn the States telling you that we met him in New York iun '48. We tried to contact him when we came over here again this Year, but could'nt locate him, so thought you might be all back together again.
    I was in the American Hospital here for six weeks - had an operation. Feeling better now, but lost a lot of weight & am still very weak yet. Expect to start work on the picture again middle of January, so if all goes well, should be in ENgland again sometime in May. Am sure looking forward to seeing you all again. Eda not too well, had a hell of a time taking care of me for three months. She is adding a few lines to you.
    Trust you had a very Merry Xmas - We are taking it quiet, had enough excitement for one Year. Do drop me a line Serge & give me all the news. Just recd. a letter from Harry Moreny in Australia - he is doing very well in a show out there.
    All for now, Eda, Babe & lucille join me in every good wish for a most Happy & Prosperous New Year - Trust alls well & happy with you.
    Buy & God Bless,
    Love & kind thoughts always,
                Yours as ever:-
Stan Signature

Note from the Editot

Serge Ganjou (1904-1999) and his brother Bob were a vaudeville acrobatic troupe named the Ganjou Brothers, whose act was later joined by Bob’s wife and rechristened the Ganjou Brothers and Juanita.

Harry Moreny (1900-1980) was an Australian actor.


My Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Two new shows a week is too much & not worthwhile when it is taking chances with the Health Dept. Glad you are feeling much better again - that Pleurisy Bus. is not so good. The ambition & hard work is wonderful, but we all have a tendency to over do it & don't realize the damage it does to our systems. So take it easy for a while Booth.
    Sorry to hear old Bill Shakespeare was so God Dam Stingy. To hell with him - I won't read any more of his Bloody Books! I never could understand them anyway.
    Yes, this war crisis is awful & am afraid its a fight to the finish now. The Destruction & loss of lives is too horrible to think about.
    Am feeling much better & hope to start shooting again about Jan. 15th. All the work will be done here at the Studio. We are through with the Riviera. Hope you had a nice Xmas. We stayed home & took it easy - had enough excitement for one year.
    Eda joins in every good wish for a Happy & Prosperous New Year & take real good care of yourself.
    Bye Booth,
                As ever-
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Ida Laurel Added

My dear Booth, just a few lines to wish you very, very Happy New Year. We will take easy and will stay at home. I am tired anyway, so don’t feel like going out. Weather is terrible here. Well, that is all for now. Take good care of yourself. Love! Ida

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