STAN LAUREL LETTERHEAD - 1111 Franklin Ave., Santa Monica, CA - HANDWRITTEN

My Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Just a quick line to let you know I arrive in N.Y. Thursday a.m. April 6th. sailing "Queen Mary" the 7th. Expect to be at the Essex House. If not will wire you where I am.
    Eda joins me in love & kind thoughts,
    All news when we see you-
                Much haste-
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                AGREEMENT OF RENTAL.
    We the undersigned, Al & Elsie Loukinen, desire to rent the property known as 1111,Franklin Street, Santa Monica. Calif. on a month to month basis, & agree to pay the owners - Stan & Ida Laurel, the sum of $75.00. (Seventy Five Dollars) in advance of each month, commencing on the date of occupancy.
    We agree to pay the costs of Gas - Electric & Telephone. The Water Bill to be paid by Mr.Laurel.
    It is also agreed that We will vacate the above property, One Month (Thirty Days) after receipt of formal notice to do so.
    We also fully understand that any undue damage to the Furnishings or the property its self , inside or out, will be repaired or replaced by us, to the satisfaction of the owners.
    It is too understood, that the monthly payments be sent to Mr. Ben W. Shipman, 511,Pacific Mutual Building, Los Angeles. 14. Calif. (Phone Michigan 4047.)

                Signed this day of APRIL 3rd, 1950.
                AL LOUKINEN
                MRS. ELSIE LOUKINEN

Stan Laurel Signature                 STAN LAUREL
                IDA K. LAUREL

Note from the Editor

It’s evident from the way this lease is typed (spelling, punctuation, etc.) that Stan drafted this copy himself at his home typewriter. It's unclear why he chose to do it himself rather than enlist lawyer Ben Shipman's help, but Stan probably copied the language from his current lease at the Oceana apartments or another in his files.

Stan Laurel Timeline - 1950


                Hotel Prince De Galles,
                Avenue George V.,
                PARIS. 8e. France.

My Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Very many thanks for your of the 24th. inst.
    Please pardon my delay in writing you earlier, but it has been like a mad house here, Press interviews, Photos, Radio & Television Broadcasts etc. know you will fully understand. We did enjoy seeing you again in N.Y. & appreciated your coming down to the "QUEEN MARY" to see us off.
    We ran into rough weather just after we left & it was bad for a couple of days - the rest of the trip was fine, landed in CHERBOURG a day late, then the fun began.
    We are going to shoot the picture At Cannes or NICE, about the first week in July. Hardy sails from N.Y. about the 14th or 15th of June. The story is not definitely set yet, they don't seem to know just what they do want, so I am waiting for them to make up their minds. It kills me, they engage a cast & have no play - what a business.!
    Sorry to hear your show closed altho you did'nt seem to be very happy with it anyway, however, it's just another page in your book of experience. Know you will have better chapters to follow.
    I would think it over Booth re coming over here at present. The cost of living is awfully expensive - I would'nt be here five minutes if the Firm was'nt footing the bills. They know immediately you are a stranger in these yere parts - then look out Brother.
    In England the picture Bus. is in bad shape, but you may have a chance landing a show, especially you knowing Noel Coward etc. but I would certainly be sure to pave the way by mail first before you really consider going over. As far as our picture is concerned, there is nothing in there Booth, in fact there is nothing in it for us, that's why all the confusion.
    Will be very happy to meet your chum here, if you will advise him where I am or let me know where he is.
    That's all for now Booth, Have to make a recording this evening (IN FRENCH) for a swiss Radio broadcast so have to rehearse a lot "We Weeing."
    Eda joins me in love & kind thoughts always,
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P.S. Weather here has been lousy to date - Rain, snow & cold. Have you seen Senator Jimmy Murphy lately? (Pepsicola Fame)

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