Stan Laurel Timeline - 1934

THE GATE TO STAN'S FORMER HOUSE TODAY - 10353 Glenbarr Ave., Cheviot Hills, CA
10353 Glenbarr Avenue
Note from the Editor

In 1934, Stan and Ruth Laurel moved into a house at 10353 Glenbarr Avenue in Cheviot Hills, California. The house, just a few blocks from the one used in “Big Business” was his home until he moved to 20213 Strathern Street in Canoga Park in 1938. Dubbed “Fort Laurel”—primarily due to the rather imposing brick wall around the property—this large, storied former home of Stan’s is no longer standing.

Letter from Stan Laurel to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

                April 7, 1934.

Culver City California

    You have our permission to use the dialogue from the Laurel and Hardy part of "HOLLYWOOD PARTY" in the record for broadcasting purposes.
                Yours very truly,
                Hal E. Roach
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Matrimony Deferred for Movie Comedian

Stan and Ruth Rogers

Stan Laurel, the smaller half of the movie comic team of Laurel and Hardy, and Mrs. Ruth Rogers, Los Angeles widow, announced they were married at Agua Caliente, Mexico, recently, but would not live together in California until his divorce from Mrs. Lois Laurel becomes final next October 11. At that time, they will go through a second ceremony in California, Laurel said. They are shown on their return to Hollywood from the Mexican border resort.

—AP Wirepohoto
    April 8, 1934

Screen Comedian Weds

Stan and Ruth Rogers

Stan Laurel, one half of the screen comic team of Laurel and Hardy, has disclosed that he and Mrs. Ruth Rogers (shown here with him), Los Angeles and non-professional, here married secretly at Agua Caliente. This was Laurel’s second marriage and it was performed before the divorce obtained from him by his first wife, Mrs. Lois Laurel, becomes final.
    Laurel declared that there will be no legal complications in his present marriage, because he and his bride will not assume their marital obligations in the State of California until the divorce from his first wife becomes final.
    Mrs. Rogers is a widow.

—International News Photo
    April 9, 1934

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