Letter from Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy to Bill Grefrath - March 18, 1943

                March 18, 1943.

Mr. Bill Grefrath,
c/o Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation,
Beverly Hills, California

Dear Bill:
    May we thank you for the help you have given us during the picture.
    Just because everyone was so swell to us, we did not want you to think that we did not appreciate what you have done for us, and your kindness.
    The enclosed bond is an obligation of our Country that continues for a long time and we hope it will serve the purpose for which we intend it - as a token of our feelings and a reminder of a pleasant association.
Stan Laurel Signature                 OLIVER HARDY

Note from the Editor

Bill Grefrath was a sound man for 20th Century-Fox. “Jitterbugs” was filmed at that studio in February/March 1943.

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