Stan and Ollie
Where are the letters?

Sorry, the Stan Laurel Correspondence Archive Project has no letters from this month and year. Even Stan and Ollie are perplexed. If you have an original letter from Stan or have a copy not included in these Archives, please add a copy of your letter by contacting us via e-mail at

Happy Birthday, Stan Laurel

Stan Laurel Portrait

Film comedian Stan Laurel was born “in the theater” as the son of British theatrical parents and made his first appearance on the stage at the age of seven. Came to this country from his native England in 1910 as an understudy to Charlie Chaplin and after one unsuccessful Hollywood venture broke into the movies first as a writer-director and later as an actor. Made first picture with his comedy partner, Oliver Hardy, in 1924 and they've made more than 150 comedies together since then.

—World Wide Photos (June 16, 1944)

Stan Watermark