April 2nd. '33.

My Dear Bennie [Barron]:-
                Many thanks for yours to hand.
Certainly appreciate your kind enquiry. Yes we are all safe thank God, it was a terrible experience, but we were lucky enough to be out of the quake area where all the damage was done. I never hope to go through another one. We are all still having slight tremors, it is a weird feeling, & makes you a nervous wreck - I jump at the least sound. The studio is closing now till June 1st. So am going to have a well earned rest, sorry I have'nt time to come over to England, but maybe next year. Not much news to tell you, so will close. Again many thanks for your kind thoughts. Trust all is well & happy with you & yours.
                As ever,
                Your old Pal:-
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Note from the Editor

The 1933 Long Beach earthquake took place on March 10, south of downtown Los Angeles. The earthquake had a magnitude estimated at 6.4. About 115 people died, making the quake the deadliest in Southern California history.

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