Stan Laurel Timeline - 1933


THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this 7th day of May, 1934, by and between LOIS N. LAUREL, hereinafter referred to as Mrs. Laurel, and STAN LAUREL, hereinafter referred to as Mr. Laurel.
    THAT, heretofore, on the 22nd day of July, 1933, Mr. and Mrs. Laurel entered into a written agreement of property settlement, which was subsequently approved by the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Los Angeles, as part of the proceedings had in an action for divorce then pending between the parties hereto. That in such agreement of July 22nd, 1933, hereinafter referred to, for purpose of convenience, as the property settlement, Mrs. Laurel is referred to as the first party and Mr. Laurel as the second party.
    THAT, right before execution of the property settlement, some differences have arisen between the parties relative thereto, and modification thereof has been agreed upon between the parties, conditioned, however, upon the event that the modification shall be fully and completely performed, and, unless performed, the property settlement, as executed on July 22nd, 1933, shall remain in full force and effect as originally written.
    THAT, as part of said property settlement, it was provided that the earnings of Mr. Laurel shall be paid into a trust with the California Trust Company, and that certain payments therefrom should be made to Mr. and Mrs. Laurel; also therefrom income taxes were to be paid, and certain other charges, such as taxes on real and personal property at one time community property of the parties hereto; also premiums on ordinary life insurance policies on the life of Mr. Laurel were to be paid, and the balance of moneys in said trust so created was to be applied to the payment...
    ...necessary for the approval of the terms hereof by any Court, and each of the parties hereto shall faithfully and to the best of his or her ability proceed with the carrying out of the terms hereof, which shall supplant, in those particulars set forth herein, the terms of the contract shall continue in full force and effect.
    It is understood that the changes embodies herein are based on a letter dated April 12th, 1934, containing Mr. Laurel's proposal for such modification.
    Each of the parties hereto will, at the request of the other, join and/or execute such documents, from time to time, as may be reasonably necessary to effectuate the purposes hereof.
    It is understood that the performance of the terms hereof by Mr. Laurel, as herein expressed, shall serve as an acquittance and substitution for the obligations expressed on his part to be kept and performed in the agreement of July 22nd, 1933.
    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands, the day and year first above written.

Stan Laurel Signature                 LOIS N. LAUREL

Benjamin W. Shipman Wrote

My dear Mat [O'Brien]: I hand you herewith an original and a copy, both fully executed, of instructions signed by Stan Laurel and Lois N. Laurel relative to payments to be made of Mr. Laurel’s salary. Will you be good enough to signify your acceptance of these instructions on the line therefor provided, and return one of the copies so signed to me. No change or modification of Mr. Laurel’s contract can take place unless the same parties, with the exception of the California Trust Company, that have executed these instructions execute their consent to such change or modification. As you will see, this change has become effective from May 7th, 1934. —May 14, 1924


                Hal E. Roach Studio,
                CULVER CITY. CALIF.
                U.S.A. May 12th.'33.

My Dear Jean [Mounier]:-
                Many thanks for yours of April 21st.
Sorry to note you have gone to so much trouble regarding the package from Cierc. It is alright, let it go. I never opened the package. In fact I have never seen the bracelets since I bought them - they told me here the amount I was to pay for duty & I refused to pay it - however, if they won't deliver them, there is nothing to be done, but I certainly appreciate all you have done in the matter. Trust all is well & happy with you,
    My kindest regards & Best wishes,
                Sincerely yours:-
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                En Route,
                May 22nd.'33.

Dear Henry [Ginsberg]:-
    Would appreciate an advance of Five Hundred Dollars. Address me care General Delivery, Houston. Texas. Please advise me date of return to Studio. Will let you know later my address in Houston, as it is not definite yet. Please keep this confidential Henry. All news when I see you.
    My kindest regards & Best wishes,
                Kind regards always:-
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