Stan Laurel Timeline - 1937

Stan and Ollie
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It’s True

It's True

By Wiley Padan

Stan Laurel was known as “Ginger” when a boy in England, because his hair was red. Since then it has toned down. One of his early ambitions was to own a stationery store! Laurel wanted to go into dramatics but his slight lisp caused him to give up the idea—in favor of comedies.
    Oliver Hardy weighed 173 pounds when only 13 years old! He tips the scales now at about 285!
    Blonde Rosina Lawrence wears a brown wig in “Way Out West.”
    Sharon Lynne has written several songs. She was born in Weatherford, Texas.
    LEO says: Dinah, a cross between a Shetlanbd Pony and a burro, is 17 years old, and has been in the movies for 15 years!

—“Way Out West” Promotional Comic
    April 16, 1937

Stan Watermark