Dear Ruth [Laurel],
    I am anxiously awaiting your return, Ruth, as I feel now we can really get together and settle down and be happy.
    I am still in love with you. I do want to come back to you.
    I want a little home with you and a baby and get away from all of this mess. I was just insane and threw it all away with Lois on my mind.
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Dear Ruth [Laurel],
    Just received your last letter. I am sorry to know that you have written Bostocks. I wish you wouldn't do that. I don't want them interfering in my business any more. That is why I got rid of them.
    Now Ruth I want you to know once and for all that whatever has transpired, Marco has not in any way shape or form had anything to do with it. My switching to new agents was entirely my own doing. Marco did not even know them till I introduced him. I don't know where you get all your strange ideas from. You get something in your mind and it becomes a reality. I am perfectly aware of all that's going on and am not a bit worried of the outcome. I will win out. It is tough sledding now but it won't be long. If Roach wants me, he will pay my price, if not, that's that. I have waited long enough and intend to go to work elsewhere, so you will soon be receiving your five percent.
    Ernest is having the Bank appraise the house so will let you know as soon as we hear. I think you are foolish to buy a new car till you sell the other two. Why don't you trade the Ford in on one and try to sell the Packard alone. I will see what I can do for you. You can rest assured, Ruth, that you will never want for anything as long as I can help you. If you hadn't have raised so much hell and dragged me into a lot of mess we both would have been alright now. But it's no use digging up the past. It doesn't help matters now. It's all done and over with...
    Guess you read about the three children that were kidnapped and found dead near Inglewood - terrible thing! Am seeing Feldman at 5 o'clock today. Will keep you advised as to what happens.
    Take care of yourself and have a good time.
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From Stan: The Life of Stan Laurel by Fred Guiles

Stanley Marco, was an attorney retained by Stan in Los Angeles. Charles Feldman, one of the best agents in Hollywood, had agreed to handle Stan although even he could not buck the trend, and their association was brief.

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