Henry T. Leckman
                Attorney At Law
                North Hollywood, Calif.

                May 12th, 1939

                Re: settlement under Superior Court
                case # 179204 Stan Laurel v. Vera
                Illeana Laurel, Los Angeles County

Hal Roach Studios
Culver City, Calif.

Dear Sirs:-
    I am herewith enclosing authority given me by above named defendant, which is a copy and which refers to power of attorney, both originals of which I have in my possession, giving me authority to receive any moneys due or to become due under settlement made with said defendant by above named plaintiff, and which moneys I understand are to be paid by your studio from earnings of said Stan Laurel.
    This is a notice not to pay any said money to anyone, but me as said moneys become due under the settlement as made in the above entitled action.
                Very truly yours,
                Henry T. Leckman

Vera Illeana Laurel Adds

I hereby give authority to Henry T. Leckman, my attorney to receive in my name and stead, under power of attorney given him this date, any moneys, due or to become due under the settlement made with plaintiff in the above entitled action and which moneys are to be paid to said Henry T. Leckman, and to no one else, hereby revoking any authority heretofore given to anyone else to receive said moneys or any part of same.

Stan Watermark