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Where are the letters?

Sorry, the Stan Laurel Correspondence Archive Project has no letters from this month and year. Even Stan and Ollie are perplexed. If you have an original letter from Stan or have a copy not included in these Archives, please add a copy of your letter by contacting us via e-mail at

Letter From Hal Roach Studios

December 29, 1939

Mr. Stan Laurel
20213 Strathern Street
Canoga Park, California

Dear Mr. Laurel:
    In accordance with the provisions of the employment agreement between us, we hereby avail ourselves of the privilege of laying you off salary commencing as of the 31st day of December, 1939, and for a period of three weeks.

Very truly yours,
Frank Ross
Vice president

Screen News Here and In Hollywood

By Douglas W. Churchill

An untitled comedy of the Roman era will serve Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy with a Spring vehicle at Hal Roach’s. The comedians will be seen as gladiators. Harry Langdon and Jack Henley are working on the script.

—The New York Times
    December 26, 1939

Stan Watermark