August 11, 1941

Mr. Samuel Turzel,
Twentieth Century-Fox Corporation,
Beverly Hills, California.

Dear Sam:
    With the picture being about completed, we wanted you to know how much we have appreciated your many kindnesses toward us, and we hope that we have done, as we have tried, our share in cooperating to make the picture a success.
    We can not find words enough to say how pleasant our association has been during this picture and how much you have conributed in making our stay a pleasant one. Everyone speaks well of the picture and we hope it is a great picture, reflecting the work that your boys so readily and kindly always put into the production. Our only hope is that we have done as much as everybody was willing to do for us.
    My kindest regards to you all,
Stan Laurel Signature                 Oliver Hardy

Note from the Editor

This letter—signed by both Stan and Ollie—was written after the completion of Great Guns, which was Laurel and Hardy’s first picture at 20th Century-Fox to a man at Fox who worked on the production.


Following is the list of individuals receiving compensation for personal services in excess of $75,000 for the calendar year 1939:

Charles Chaplin Film Corporation: Charles Chaplin, $152,000.

Walt Disney Productions: Walter E. Disney, $85,000.

Samuel Goldwyn, Inc., Ltd.: Samuel Goldwyn, $107,000; William Wyler, $104,999; Gary Cooper, $295,106.

Hal Roach Studios, Inc.: Hal E. Roach, $103,500; Stan Laurel, $82,500; Adolphe Menjou, $100,000.

Selznick International Pictures, Inc.: David 0. Selznick, $185,500; Alfred Hitchcock, $136,818.

—The New York Times
    August 3, 1941

Stan Watermark