Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Ben [Shipman]-
    In reply to yours of the 6th.inst. re Ruth. I absolutely will not allow her to go [to] the Ranch - She deserted it three times during a period of four months - no there is no reason for her wanting to return. She has plenty of homes of her own - let her share them amongst her!
    Re - a settlement of a lump sum was never ever discussed by her to me at any time anywhere - as I told you in my last - Her conversation on the Phone here was to the effect that she was anxious to go to Las Vegas & you wouldn't make the arrangements - & would the Five percent still stand good - which I agreed to, also to take her Girl Friend a Miss Thelma Black to keep her company.
    Re - the House she says I wanted her to buy - I absolutely didn't know anything about. She bought that after we were divorced. I had nothing whatsoever to do with it at the present time. I don't feel I am in a position to make any lump sum settlement & prefer to have the agreement as is unless the settlement would be a very reasonable amount which is very difficult to determine. This is all I have to say on the matter Ben.
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                Feb. 9th '42.

Dear Bill [Karns]
    Pardon delay in answering yours of the 3rd inst. I know nothing of the Edward B. 'Willis' you mention neither does Babe or Judy Starr. Sorry I can't give you any information on the matter - in fact have never heard of the Party. However - will check-up on him when I get back to the Coast. I will advise you immediately. We did swell in Cincinnati & doing same here - Again want you to know I deeply appreciated your extreme kindness & hope to have the pleasure of reciprocating in the near future, Virginia & yourself are swell persons - I will never forget you.
    Kind thoughts always,
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Note from the Editor

Virginia Karns (1907–1990) was a singer and character actor at the Hal Roach Studios in the early 1930s. She portrayed Mother Goose in the opening of the Laurel and Hardy musical comedy Babes in Toyland (1934).

Judy Starr was the featured singer on the bill when Laurel and Hardy made a live appearance in Cincinnati, Ohio in February 1942.

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