Stan Laurel Timeline - 1942


We have made a picture since I saw you titled “A Haunting We Will Go.” To tell you the truth, I haven’t seen it so don’t know if it’s good or bad.

Stan Laurel

                Hal E. Roach Studio,
                CULVER CITY. CALIF.

Suzette Dear,
    Called you on phone last night but you were not home - to tell you I had shipped you the Duck and Rabbitt & it should be there Saturday (15th Aug.) & after I called - recd. your swell letter so am answering right away - when you write again tell me about names Day & Birthdays etc. wish I'd known about it.
    We have made a picture since I saw you - titled "A HAUNTING WE WILL GO." To tell you the truth I haven't seen it so don't know if its good or bad - anyway it will play Cleveland soon. We are going to make another picture next month for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - "Air Raid Wardens."
    Suzette Dear - I never left any message & didn't want any calls last time I was in Cleveland & Hardy never told me you had called - was dying to see you & didn't know where to reach you.
    However Dear - it [has] all been a mistake & I hope & trust it will be cleared up. I think an awful lot of you & am serious about it - write me often Dear & I will too - Don't be scared of barney, he would be afraid of "Flip"!
    Am sending you some of the canned fruits from the ranch tomorrow - know you will enjoy them.
    We will be coming east around November with our show - so will be looking forward to seeing you again.
    My Love to your Mother and Self.
                always -
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