Dear Gerald & Joan Surinam -
    We shall be pleased to see you any evening between shows (anytime after 8 PM.)
    Best wishes.
                Sincerely -
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My Dear Booth [Colman]-
                Thanks yours 4th.inst.
Hope a deal has been settled by now for the Shaw play & to your better interest, but be careful to be in a position to be available in case you get the opportunity to be cast in the picture "Josefa" which I feel would be of more value to you than the Shaw show, especially if it was as important part. One good picture will do you more good than ten shows - quoting Roach - "You know what I mean!"
    However - I am very happy to know that prospects are looking so bright for you - you certainly deserve a real break. Ben Shipman should be here soon now - we have an offer of a tour in Belgium & Greece in a Big Revue (just to do our act). It may not be the one that we are doing now, as the have some pantomime idea for us. It is a splendid offer financially (in $) so Ben is coming over to look into it. They want us to open in May, which is perfect for us. Will let you know as soon as I know definite. Nothing further on the Roach deal so far, but he has asked Ben to try & make a deal with us. We are playing in Wolverhampton this week but staying in B'ham. (15 mile drive each way, every night). Weather warm & sunny - a treat after the last few weeks of cold.
    All for now Booth-
    Love from Eda-
                As ever -
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                March 12th.'54.
Dear Leslie Link-
    Thank you for your very kind letter of the 10th.inst. We certainly appreciate your nice thoughts & wishes. It is indeed a pleasure to know that you have enjoyed our Cinema & Stage appearances for so long now - your mention of "BONNIE SCOTLAND" brought back some happy memories to us (made 21 years ago).
    Doubt if we will make any more Cinema Pictures as the TV in the States is the most important now - especially for comedians, so we shall be making short subjects for that medium, which of course - in time will be seen over here. Many thanks for the interesting copies of Calendar Plates - got a big kick out of them.
    Our kind regards & best wishes.
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                March 20.'54.
My Dear Trixie [Wyatt]-
    So sorry Dear - not writing you before now - feel a bit ashamed after your extreme kindness to Eda & I - intended to drop you a line before I recd. your letter, but kept putting it off, but frankly Dear, have had quite a deal of business correspondence to attend to lately, due to making future plans to follow our present tour which is now finishes at Edinburgh April 17th.Know you will fully understand & forgive me this time. We can stay over here till next Sept. but due to the slump in Theatre Bus. in general, we have been asked to cut our Guarantee & Percentage - which of course, we are not in favor with. Our running cost & expense would be just the same as now, so naturally it would'nt pay us to stay here for the small amount of profit. However, our manager is flying over from Los Angeles to look into an offer we have for a tour in Holland, Belgium & Greece with Australia & New Zealand to follow, which would be more profitable to us than staying in England, as it is new territory for us & an opportunity to make Big Money - weill know more about it in a couple of weeks or so & will let you know. If nothing happens - we shall of course return home to the States & make Pictures for TV. It was nice to see Jack Graham again - he looked very well indeed - despite his age, he was young in his ways & going along fine. Would have liked to have seen Dolly Dodds again - too bad she couldn't have come back stage - give her my love & best when you see her. The Bus. was shocking in Sunderland - worst week of our Tour - the audiences were blasé - so a miserable week was had by all. We play Empire York next week (March 22nd) then Palace Grimsby (29th) I understand Addie Gibson & Percy live there, so am hoping they will be in as we still haven't seen them since the Levy & Cardwell days. Had a letter from Jackie Harrison - He is coming up to Leeds to see me on Saturday, April 10th. Well for now Trixie. Eda sends her love she - she appreciated your sweet thought re the bag, but she was upset over you spending the money on it - which wasn't necessary & she didn't want you to waste your money on her - anyway, it was very sweet of you Dear & I know she will enjoy it & remember you. xx. We'll probably write you again from Leeds (April 5th) week, & give you all the news to date.
    Eda joints & love & kind thoughts.
    Every good wishes always.
                As ever-
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                Empire Theatre,
                March 22.'54.
Dear Leslie Link-
    Thanks yours 17.inst.
Pleased to note you recd. the photo OK. Appreciate very much your kind thoughts & wishes, which gives us great pleasure to know we still have a few loyal friends & fans.
    Thanks again Leslie.
    Every good wish always-
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                March 25th.'54.
Dear Ellina [Turner]-
    It was indeed nice to see you again in Sheffield. Thought you looked very well and growing younger.
                Sincerely always-
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                Palace Theatre,
                March 30th.'54.

My Dear Booth [Colman]-
                Thanks your welcome letter 19th.inst.
Sorry to note the Shaw play deal has'nt been settled yet. I too, hope it does'nt fade out after all the hard work that has been put into it so far & the big success it was. However, that's seems to he Hollywood - all discussion & no action - they get hot on an idea, then talk so long about it that it begins to go cold & they throw it out.
    Interesting to hear that you had an interview with Dick Powell, certainly hope something develops, as you say, being a [Howard] Hughes epic, it could be a very long run.
    Ben Shipman arrived & checked on the Holland - Belgium & Greece deal. It did'nt look so good as they had pictured it. First, could'nt guarantee getting Dollars out, then Ben discovered several Niggers in the Woodpile - so, that's OUT.
    We are not going to continue with Delfont, but may play a couple of extra weeks for him after Edinburgh (April 12th.) Have had an offer to play a Twelve weeks run in Blackpool (Big sea - side resort here) starting end of June. Sounds good, so Ben is now in London, checking on that, also an offer to make a picture. He may fly to Australia & look over the situation there, as soon as things are settled here. Will keep you posted re what happens.
    All for now Booth. Eda joins in love & best.
    Bye & Bless.
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Note from the Editor

Richard Ewing “Dick” Powell (1904-1963) was an American singer, actor, film producer, film director and studio head. He was the first actor to portray the private detective Philip Marlowe on screen in Murder, My Sweet (1944).

The expression Stan uses to describe the Holland, Belgium and Greece deal is a dated American figure of speech meaning “some fact of considerable importance that is not disclosed.”

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