My Dear Trixie [Wyatt]-
    Just a few lines to let you know we arrived home safely June 26th last. I intended writing you won't before now, but when we got back - we decided to have the house re-decorated inside & out - all the Furniture re-upholstered - carpets cleaned etc. etc. so you can imagine how busy we have been. It has been a mad house for about six weeks - what a mess! Of course it looks nice now, but never again - next time he gets dirty I'll give it away!
    Had a lovely crossing - Sea smooth all the way - weather hot, nothing to do but eat & sleep - a wonderful rest - enjoyed it better than on the Big Liners - accommodations were excellent - Ten Passengers in all - good food, its really a holiday - We were in St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) for a few hours. The shipping Co. sent a car for us - had lunch at lovely Hotel & drove all over the Island. We stopped at Curacao & Cristobal & then went through the Panama Canal - what a sight! well Dear hows things with you? Trust alls well & happy. Have you heard from Jackie Harrison? Am going to drop him a line. I understand the Variety Bus. has improved & business is getting good again - I hope so - it was certainly bad last year. Weather has been very hot - not drop of rain. Not much more to tell you Trixie, so will close. Eda joins in love & kind thoughts & again thanks for all your kindness - you were very sweet & thoughtful.
    Bye Dear - God bless-
                Sincerely always-
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Drop a line when you have time - love to hear from you.


My Dear Roy & Pauline [Lester]:-
    Just read the good news re your marriage, in our weekly "Variety" paper.
    Needless to tell you how delighted we are. Eda joins in heartiest congratulations, lots of good luck, good health & happiness always.
    Please give Claude & Marie our love & best, also Florence, Laurie & family, trust everybody is well & doing OK.
    All for now.
    Bye & God Bless.
                Sincerely as ever:-
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My Dear Elsie [Jefferson] Hall:-
    Finally got down to answer your kind letter, of May 20th. After Mr Hardy took ill in Plymouth, we decided to cancel the balance of our tour & return home, so we went to London & made arrangements for passage back. The only thing we could get right away was a Danish Cargo ship, so we took a chance & sailed from Hull June 3rd direct to Los Angeles via the Panama Canal & arrived June 26th. Had a wonderful voyage, smooth sea all the way, lovely hot weather. Stopped in at St. Thomas (Virgin Islands), Curaco & Christobal & through the Canal to Los Angeles. Nice ship, accommodations excellent & good food, really enjoyed it better than on the large passenger lines.
    When we got hack, Eda (Mrs L.) decided to have the house re-decorated in & out out, furniture re-upholstered, carpets & rugs sent to be cleaned, the place was in a mess for about six weeks. However its finished now & looks very nice, but-never again.!
    Weather here has been very hot ever since we returned, & not a drop of rain, which is not too good, everything is awfully dry & endangers forest fires etc. of course we have very cool evenings which is a relief.
    You asked in your letter re some more photos that you had’nt included in your first list, not sure if I sent them or not - If I did’nt please let me know & will send them right away.
    Well, nothing much to tell you Elsie, just getting settled down & taking it easy for a while. Mr Hardy is feeling OK again & we anticipate making pictures for TV around next January, which means plenty of hard work ahead of us, two new shows each month.
    Eda enjoyed her trip to Paris, she flew there & back & spent a lovely week with her friends.
    All for now, Eda joins in kindest regards & every good wish & trust alls well & Happy with you. Drop a line when you feel like it, shall be pleased to hear from you.
                Bye Bless.
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My Dear Trixie [Wyatt]:-
    Just recd. yours of the 6th. & I mailed one to you a few days ago - funny, we must have both written about the same time & our letters crossed.
    However, I was very pleased to hear from you & to get all the news. Too bad you have had such a rainy season, as I told you in my last, we have'nt had a drop here since we got back.
    I have been reading that the show business has been taking a turn for the better & sincerely hope it continues & fully recovers from the slump of last year. We certainly were over there during the worst of it, the business was just shocking, very depressing for all concerned.
    Glad to know you heard from Jackie Harrison also Jack Graham, its nice to keep in touch with old friendships, brings back happy memories & you do'nt feel lonesome & forgotten.
    Eda loves the bag you gave her dear, she was only unset at you spending the money on her, she uses it on special occasions, does'nt want to get it soiled & keeps it carefully wrapped in tissue paper.
    Hardy is feeling better, & we have several offers on hand to make TV films also a deal to make a picture in London, which would in February next, be the starting date. I doubt if we shall come over for anymore Variety tours as Hardy prefers film work, does'nt like the traveling every week.
    Enclosed is the photo for your Friend Maria, if I have'nt spelled the name right, let me know & I will send another one.
    All for now Trixie. Eda joins in love & best, trust alls well with you. Drop a line when you feel like it, always happy to hear from you.
                As ever:-
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STAN LAUREL LETTERHEAD - 1111 Franklin Ave., Santa Monica, CA - HANDRWITTEN

                SEPT. 27TH.'54.
My Dear Trixie [Wyatt]-
    Thanks yours of 22nd.inst. So sorry I got the name wrong on the photo, enclosed is another one for Moira.
    Weather here still very hot & not a drop of rain - have been having several big forest fires near here, quite a lot of damage - homes destroyed etc. everything is so dry - shall be glad when our winter sets in (about January).
    I didn't know you had a daughter Trixie - hope you had a nice visit with her in Darlington. I imagine you enjoyed going away for a change.
    Interesting to hear about your Doll Collection, a nice hobby - you remember a Silent Picture star - Colleen Moore? She has been collecting dolls for years, also doll houses & miniature furniture - she exhibits them all over the country for charity - she has dolls from every corner of the Earth. I understand its quite a sight to see.
    Well dear, nothing exciting to tell you so will close for now.
    Eda joins in love & kind thoughts.
                As ever-
Stan Signature                 xxx.

Love to Dolly Dodds & all - Bye dear!


My Dear Betty [Healy]:-
    Have'nt heard from you for quite a while, & am wondering if you red. the programme & press clippings I mailed you about a couple of months ago.
    Hope you have'nt been threatened with any of this Forest Fire business I have been seeing on TV, awful is'nt it.
    Nothing exciting to tell you. Had one or two TV offers which did'nt amount to anything. Did you see Harry Richman's opening on TV at the Moulin Rouge Night Club last week? I enjoyed it very much.
    All for now Betty.
    Regards & best to Wayne & self.
                As ever:-
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Note from the Editor

Harry Richman (1895–1972) was a singer, actor, dancer, comedian, pianist, songwriter, bandleader, and night club performer, at his most popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

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